Apple’s App Store awards 2022 winners – the year’s best applications and games

Apple’s App Store awards 2022 winners – the year’s best applications and games

  • apple has revealed the App Store prices winners in 2022.
  • The winners list consists of five applications and five games.
  • In addition, Apple also listed five cultural impact winners.
  • Check out the list below to know more about the application and the game winners.

Technology giant Apple has announced this year’s apps and games for its devices – iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Apple has selected the year’s best applications based on technical innovations, user experience and design.

“This year’s App Store Award winners reimagined our experiences with apps that offered fresh, thoughtful and genuine perspectives,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

He also stated, “From self-taught solo creators to international teams around the world, these entrepreneurs are making a meaningful impact and represent the ways apps and games impact our communities and lives.”

Apart from the year’s best games and applications, Apple’s editors have also revealed the top five applications under a Cultural Impact Winner category that impacted and influenced people’s lives.

Here is the list of the applications and games that won the App Store awards.

Winners of apps and games

iPhone application of the year

BeReal is named the best application of the year. It’s a photo sharing app that lets you share an unfiltered photo once a day with friends. The app asks you to click natural photos every day at different times.

iPad application of the year

Good Notes5 is the best iPad app of the year. This application makes writing and keeping digital notes easy and accessible.

Mac Application of the Year
Developed by Synium Software GmbH, Mac Family Tree 10 has been awarded the Mac App of the Year. It is an interesting program that allows you to create and explore your family tree through impressive 3D views, charts and reports. It uniquely helps you visualize family history.

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Apple TV application of the year
ViX from TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc. is named the best Apple TV app of the year.

Apple Watch App of the Year
To help you stay fit and track your activities, Apple has awarded the Gentler Streak Workout Tracker as the Apple Watch App of the Year. It helps maintain a balance between fitness and rest.

iPhone game of the year
Apex Legends Mobile is the best version of the strategy battle royale shooter. You can play this game in multiplayer and compete against other mobile players.

iPad game of the year

Moncage has been named the best iPad game of the year. It’s a puzzle adventure set in a mysterious cube. This game will help you improve your problem solving skills.

Mac Game of the Year
Inscryption is a card game that has secrets inside. The game is an odyssey that mixes deck-building gameplay, escape room-style puzzles and psychological horror into a blood-soaked smoothie.

Apple TV Game of the Year
El Hijo is the best Apple TV game of the year. It is a game about a boy who faces several challenges on his journey to find his mother. Packed with action, mystery and adventure, it’s a great game to play on the big screen.

Apple arcade game of the year
Wylde Flowers is named the best arcade game of the year. It’s a fun one-player farming game with a twist and mystery. Revealing the hidden darkness in the city and exploring how to bring peace and everyone together is a lesson that can be learned through the game.

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Winners of cultural influence

How we feel

It is a non-profit application made from donations from people who are keen to spread the word for better mental well-being. It is a free application that enables people to come to a better understanding of their emotions. The application uses HealthKit to understand different patterns and explore emotion regulation strategies to feel better.

Dot’s Home
This is a single-player, 2D, narrative-driven video game in which a young girl travels back in time to the time when her family’s history collides with race, place, and choice. This application helps us understand how people face housing injustice.

Medallion widget
This great application allows users to share live photos of friends and families on their home screen. The live image of the people every time you unlock the phone keeps you updated about your loved ones.

Water Tracker Waterllama
Waterllama is a program that sends reminders about drinking water. It makes meeting hydration goals fun. It uses creative characters and smart reminders to make sure people drink enough water.

Inua – A story in ice and time
This game is a great way to create awareness and explore historical events. The application has interesting illustrations based on a true story with a mixture of history and myth.


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