Apple Carplay not working, how to fix Apple Carplay not working?

Apple Carplay not working, how to fix Apple Carplay not working?

Apple Carplay does not work

Apple CarPlay lets you access your iOS apps hands-free at the touch of a button by routing everything through your car’s infotainment system. And it’s great until Apple CarPlay stops working properly. It could be that CarPlay isn’t connecting, CarPlay apps aren’t unlocking properly, or you can’t hear anything when CarPlay is connected. Here’s how to get everything connected again if Apple CarPlay doesn’t work.

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Why is Apple Carplay not working?

There are various reasons why Apple CarPlay may not work or stop working, even if it did in the past. These include

  • Problems with an iOS update.

  • Integration issues between apps.

  • Incompatibility issues.

  • iPhone not noticed.

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How to fix Apple Carplay not working?

Regardless of the problem, no connection, no sound or apps not working, there is a sequence of steps you can work through to rectify the problem. Try these steps to see if it fixes your problem and gets CarPlay working again. If not, continue to the next. Before you get to the end of the list, you will have cracked whatever problem you may have.

  • Make sure CarPlay is enabled on your iPhone. One type of setting could be to interrupt the CarPlay connection. For example, if you’ve turned off CarPlay, you’ll need to re-enable it. To do so, go to Settings > General > CarPlay and reconnect your car to the app. Or to re-enable it if you’ve turned it off in Screen Time, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps.

  • Study to make sure Siri is enabled. Siri must be enabled for CarPlay to work. If it isn’t, go to Settings > Siri and search

  • The Allow Siri When Locked option is what trips people up the most because it’s still not enabled.

  • Make sure CarPlay is allowed when locked. If CarPlay is not activated when locked, it cannot start if the phone screen is turned off. To fix this, go to Settings > General > CarPlay and wipe the car from the list of open connections. Then turn on Allow CarPlay while closed.

  • If it is not connected wirelessly, check the USB cables. If you’re using the original iPhone USB cable, look through it to make sure none of the wires are frayed or damaged. If you are using an aftermarket cable, try a different one. Sometimes replacing the cable will solve the problem you may be experiencing.

  • If you are not connected wirelessly, make sure you are plugged into the correct port. Many modern vehicles have multiple USB connections, but they will only occasionally work to connect CarPlay to your car. Look for the CarPlay or iOS icon. If you overlook one of these, try opening the USB port on the infotainment system separately to see if one is specific to your CarPlay connection.

  • If your car supports a wireless connection to CarPlay, check your iPhone to confirm you’re not in airplane mode. Airplane mode prevents the phone from making wireless connections, so this can prevent the phone from talking to the vehicle.

  • If you’re using a wireless connection, make sure Bluetooth is on and your iPhone is connected to the car. If Bluetooth is off, you will not be able to connect to the device.

  • Reboot your iPhone, then restart the vehicle. Turning everything off and then back on clears the error you’re sharing and things connect just fine the second time.

  • Make sure your iPhone is fully updated. If your phone is not up to date, you may not have the necessary drivers or software to complete the connection to CarPlay. Updating can help you solve any problems you may have.

  • Forget and restore your CarPlay connection. You need to go to Settings > General > CarPlay and select the vehicle you are trying to connect. Then wipe off Forget This Car. Then restart the vehicle and iPhone and try to re-establish the connection.

  • If your car supports a wireless connection, go to Settings > General > CarPlay and tap Available Cars. Then fix your car to make the connection.

  • If you are using a wired connection, reconnect the USB cable and track any messages that appear on the screen.

  • If you’re still having trouble connecting, or if you’re still having trouble with how CarPlay works, contact Apple Support to visit them if they can help you with the problem.

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Reference source: lifewire

Apple Carplay

CarPlay is an Apple ideal that allows a car radio or head unit to be a screen and control for an iOS device. It’s unlimited on all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 or later. According to Apple’s website, all major vehicle manufacturers use CarPlay. Vehicles without CarPlay may contain audio output from vehicles from aftermarket suppliers.

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