Anya Taylor-Joy may have teased the Queen’s gambit 2 [UPDATE]

Anya Taylor-Joy may have teased the Queen’s gambit 2 [UPDATE]

The Queen’s Gambit may be on the verge of a Netflix comeback after Anya Taylor-Joy’s dormant Twitter account came back to life.

Update 1/30: Anya-Taylor confirmed her Twitter account was hacked in a statement on Instagram Stories.

“My Twitter has been hacked. Sorry for any inconvenience. It’s not me!”

The original story follows

One of Netflix’s biggest shows in recent years got an unexpected update after The The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor-Joy appeared to tweet a since-deleted post which consisted only of the words “The Queen’s Gambit 2“​, thus triggering immediate speculation about another possible chess drama.


The Queen’s Gambit premiered in October 2020, during the pandemic, when Netflix subscriptions increased rapidly due to many people having extra free time. However, Beth Harmon’s story had an impact beyond streaming and instantly sparked a chess revival. When the series reached its peak, The Queen’s Gambit had helped triple the viewership of Chess on Twitch and increased chess set sales in America by 250%.

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Taylor-Joy’s tweet was quickly screenshotted by several users, including a fan account called Anya Taylor Argentina (@anyataylorjoyar) who regularly posts updates on the actress’ appearances. The tweet from Taylor-Joy’s official account lasted around 10 minutes online, and at the time of writing it is unclear whether she wrote it or whether it was the result of hacking. However, it’s safe to say that Twitter has been mostly inactive since late 2020.

Before they are scrapped, The Queen’s Gambit 2 tweet had been seen by at least 91,000 people, so interest in a sequel to Beth’s chess career may be higher than expected. Effectively, Taylor-Joy’s Twitter was last used to promote The Queen’s Gambit, as she tends to be much more active on other social media platforms like Instagram. So maybe either the actress, her reps or even Netflix were testing the waters.

So where exactly did Beth Harmon end up? The Queen’s Gambit final? Well, in the seventh and final episode of the miniseries, Beth’s life comes full circle as she revisits her roots and, with the help of her friends, manages to beat her Russian rival Vasily Borgov to become the world’s greatest chess player. If The Queen’s Gambit 2 happens, the series could easily continue to follow Beth’s life after these events, be it as a famous chess champion or perhaps as a mentor to a younger grandmaster.

Taylor-Joy and her co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster were both nominated for multiple awards, and The Queen’s Gambit claimed the Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series. indeed The Queen’s Gambit also led to some legal headaches for Netflix. Although The Queen’s Gambit 2 never happens, the show remains one of Netflix’s finest creations and a wonderful reason to pick up chess.

The Queen’s Gambit is now available on Netflix.

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Source: Anya Taylor-Joy Argentina | Twitter

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