Anonymous appears to be taking credit for “hacking” Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account

Anonymous appears to be taking credit for “hacking” Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account

An anonymous group has appeared to take credit for hacking Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account after his bio changed on the social media platform — but was his account actually hacked?

Twitter users were quite surprised by the Fox News host’s bio overnight, when he described himself as a person of color and a climate activist who identifies as non-binary.

In the new biography, Carlson was also described as a “visionary technology entrepreneur” and a CNBC market analyst.

Tucker Carlson’s biography is quite bizarre. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock photo

It also mentioned being an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom he has often criticized on his show and has been absolutely pro-Russia in the war.

“Non-binary climate change activist of color. Visionary tech founder. CNBC market analyst. Informal Zelensky advisor,” the bizarre new bio read.

The bio also ended with two transgender pride flag emojis on it.

The supposed hacking was brought to many people’s attention by the hacker and activist group Anonymous.

On Twitter, they wrote: “Tucker Carlson you’ve been #hacked,” next to a picture of his new profile.

But while the Anonymous group may have taken credit for the hack, a Fox News spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the claim that his account had been hacked was “false, the account has not been hacked”.

Brian Krassenstein was one of those who said he believed the controversial TV presenter had been hacked.

Anonymous seemed to take credit for the “hacking”. Credit: @AnonOpsSE/ Twitter

“The hacker group Anonymous has apparently taken credit for hacking Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account.

“Of course I’m against hacking, but if I had to let one slip this would be it!”

However, Damin Toell was having none of the hacking speculation, accompanying a photo of a bio where Carlson dropped his pronouns as “she/her,” he wrote: “Tucker Carlson is getting a lot of free engagement on his Twitter account tonight, but he was not hacked.

“This is what his bio was a month ago. Everyone just took the bait.”

If you head over to Carlson’s Twitter profile right now, you’ll notice that his bio has changed to the one mentioned by Toell.

It reads: “Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, educated at Harvard College & Yale Law School. Frequent visitor to Aspen Inst. Fully vaccinated. She/Her.”

The bio also concluded with the Ukrainian flag, and he has also posted on his Twitter account in the past few hours, suggesting that he might not have been hacked after all.

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