Android Chrome app now comes with price tracking feature

Android Chrome app now comes with price tracking feature

Android customers can now use a dedicated price tracker for their daily shopping needs.

According to the latest report, Google has brought the price tracking feature which was once only available on the desktop version of the Chrome app.

The extension is expected to be available first for US-based users.

Android Price Tracker on Mobile Chrome App

Android Chrome app now comes with price tracking feature

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The price tracking feature in the desktop Chrome browser is now available on mobile.

Based on a report from Phone Arena on Sunday, December 18, Google confirms that Android users will soon be able to use the price tracking feature by going to the Chrome address bar.

From the side panel, you can now easily manage your purchases. The feature also allows you to track your purchased products via notifications.

When you open the Chrome app on your Android smartphone, you’ll see a lozenge-shaped button that has “Track Price” next to it.

Meanwhile, you will notice that on the left side of the icon there is a price tracking symbol. The sign that you have already clicked is the “+” symbol that you can see at the top right of a bell.

If you notice, there are some similarities between the Android and desktop versions of this price tracker. On any website, you can turn on notifications about certain products on an online store app.

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Detailed price tracking

If you add an item to your cart, it changes price quickly, Google will notify you of the price update.

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It’s important to turn this on as prices between websites and stores differ, so this is an effective way to get the best deals out of them.

While Google already announced that Android users in the US will be the first to access this feature, some people said that it is not yet available on their devices.

If it is not rolled out this Christmas season, online shoppers can maximize its use for the upcoming New Year.

In other news, Google has launched a new Passkey support in the Chrome browser.

According to The Hacker News, the tech giant wanted to roll out this feature for passwordless login. Since passwords can easily be hacked or changed, there is a need to safeguard the user’s privacy by following newer and smarter privacy measures.

Regarding how it works, the company added that the password keys will be uploaded to Google Password manager. It’s somewhat similar to how Apple handles access keys on a cloud server on both macOS and iOS.

Soon enough, the search engine giant will extend this feature to Android apps. By doing so, it is expected to create an API that will include password support on another platform.

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