An absolute must when creating your own playable character in any game

An absolute must when creating your own playable character in any game

No matter how new someone is to the gaming medium, pretty much everyone has come across some level of character customization. I might try to create the most idyllic version of myself every time I pick up a game to make up for my own shortcomings, but I’m aware that others don’t do that sort of thing.

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No matter how you go about creating your own character in games, almost everyone has at least one absolute must for the creation process. Maybe you want to live out a whole new personality, or maybe you want to run around as the most unique being in the world; Whatever you do, we can all agree that there are a few things that must be done when creating the perfect character.


10/10 A stupid name

It would be too easy to just punch out the name of your longtime D&D character, and it would be even easier to use your own name. When it’s time to create a truly unique character, it’s also time to break out the dumbest name ever.

We’re all trying to make the weirdest creations possible, so a name like Bill or Susan just won’t fit this new person. Something Mass Effect sounds like Captain Arlatoff of the Strombor clan is the exact kind of name I expect to see pop up every time someone creates a new character.

9/10 Weird hairstyles

Why would anyone want to create a character that perfectly represents themselves when they can really immerse themselves in escapism? Creating the weirdest person possible with some wild hair is a must for many people when creating a character.

A simple set of pigtails or a standard buzzcut are always options, but who needs that when you can match the outrageous (and slightly lovable) hair of someone like Dragon Ball’s, Goku. Go ahead, make it Super Saiyan in a standard fantasy setting. Who will judge?

8/10 Odd body proportions

Sometimes creating a character is as much fun as actually playing the game itself. One of the ways to make the whole experience a lot of fun is by changing up the body ratio of your character.

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Who needs a normal leg when you can make a character with absolutely monstrous calves? Maybe we all wish we could help our calves grow a little faster and that’s why we do it, but maybe that’s just me. Comically long arms? You know, like in ARMS. No one is going to stop you from living your best life while you create the latest and greatest hero.

7/10 Radiant facial hair

Few custom characters are complete until they have some glorious facial hair. The thicker, wilder and more outrageously colored, the better. It’s easy to be satisfied with a simple set of facial hair, perhaps something close to your own facial hair, but a bright purple mustache will always be the way to go.

The weird and wonderful facial hair options go perfectly with the weird hairstyles you are likely to choose from. Sometimes we want characters with angular features, and sometimes we want those same characters to have angular facial hair, just because.

6/10 An original backstory

I think we can all admit that we think about who our custom characters really are. Sure, some games give you the amazing and creative story, but who needs that when you can create your own story for your own hero?

One of the best series for this is the Elder Scrolls series. Your character can go out and do pretty much anything you want, so it helps to have a bit of a story in your head about that character’s life before the events of the game.

5/10 Don’t forget accessories

While accessories aren’t always an included part of character creation, you better believe that we’re all going to spend way too much time on the little details. Your created character may look silly at times, but they need to rock the nicest shoes and jewelry possible. Say yes to the fifteenth facial piercing – it is a fictional character after all.

Things get even better when you can take the time to really make accessories to your taste. A regular pirate hat is great, but a pirate hat can always be better when you have control over color choices and different logos.

4/10 Tremendous height (or lack thereof)

Like the odd body proportions mentioned earlier, creating a character that is either comically tall or amusingly small is always a joy. It’s rare that games let you get incredibly small, so most of us have to settle for the kind of height that would make an NBA star blush.

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There is no rule against anyone over seven feet tall going out to save the world. In fact, there are many ways all that height can come in handy. The only problem with that is if you’ve given your character stubby arms – then you might have a whole T. rex thing going on.

3/10 Fashion over function

For some, how fashionable their custom character is may just be the most important part of customization. Many different games offer unique garments and armor that change your appearance, but they also offer many unique prizes.

If we’re all honest, we’d probably all admit that we’ve missed out on an objectively better piece of armor simply because it doesn’t match the character. A strong defense is important, but so is being able to dazzle your opponents with your fashion sense.

2/10 Spend way too long picking out clothes

When we tie right into the concept of fashion over function, we all tend to spend way too much time picking out clothes in the first place. It’s even worse than getting up and getting dressed every day because your character might have the opposite personality from you.

If you created a deep story that saw your character go through a goth phase, they might gravitate toward the spiked boots, but at the same time, they might be embarrassed by that phase and want nothing to do with it. I’m not speaking from experience at all – it’s a thought we’ve all had, right?

1/10 Absolutely reading every bit of information

Some games offer unique story information for your custom character. One of the biggest games that uses that very thing is Guild Wars 2. Since our custom characters can act as an extension of ourselves, we want to make sure we knew every little thing that goes into making them.

Do I need to spend more than an hour reading every potential backstory option for my character? No. Am I likely to continue doing it with a smile on my face? Yep. We’re gamers, and that means we care about the games we play, and the characters we create.

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