Amazing things you didn’t know you could do in Sonic Frontiers

Amazing things you didn’t know you could do in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers wowed fans as the first open-world game in the franchise, and there’s still so much to do. The two main objectives of rescuing Sonic’s friends and collecting the Chaos Emeralds are set in stone, but players can also complete puzzles and challenges, all while exploring what the Starfall Islands have to offer and collecting collectibles.

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Many fans have already completed their first playthrough by now. Nevertheless, some players may have made some mistakes along the way or missed certain game aspects. Things as simple as changing the settings for specific playstyles to hidden mechanics are not so obvious. But knowing these incredible things in Sonic Frontierscan make the overall experience even more refreshing and new.


6/6 Gotta go faster

Sonic Frontier's speed controller

Sonic games are all about speed, but some players have expressed concern about having a hard time keeping up with the blue hedgehog. Fortunately, Sega listened and gave fans the most in-depth controls for Sonic to date. Players can now customize Sonic’s speed down to the smallest detail, from the sensitivity of the turn, to the start and launch speed, as well as bounce height.

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These simple adjustments are a bonus in accessibility, especially for those who experience motion sickness. Players can also choose two different playstyles: Action and high speed. Action slows the camera down, while High Speed ​​locks the camera on Sonic, giving the familiar and often chaotic nature of Sonic games.

5/6 Cyber ​​Space Platforming for Completionists

Sonic Frontier's cyberspace platform level

As soon as players start up Sonic Frontiers, they will encounter a traditional side-scrolling platform level that keeps popping up throughout the game. For the finishers, each platform level has four objectives to complete, such as completing the level in a certain time or clearing it with 150 rings. Players receive Vault Keys for each goal achieved, which helps unlock the Chaos Emeralds. Once all four objectives are completed, an additional key is available to obtain.

Depending on the console, players may receive a trophy for their efforts. For example, YouTuber Master Trainer Gaming received the Perfect Run trophy on PS5 the first time they completed all four missions in one run. Players receive no bonuses other than additional Vault Keys for their efforts, but the sense of satisfaction is enough for some.

4/6 Fishing for gold

Sonic Frontier's fishing minigame

Fish in Sonic Frontiers may seem like a simple mini-game, but Sonic can reap many rewards. If the player catches every variety of fish and logs it into Fish-o-Pedia, they are one step closer to meeting the 100% game requirements. There’s also a chance for Sonic to net a treasure chest while fishing, which rewards players with a gold card. This special item can be exchanged for rare items and collectibles in Big the Cat’s shop, such as Portal Gears and Vault Keys.

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Players can also purchase Skill Pieces, character-specific memory tokens, and Lost Cocos. Egg Memos are another collectible that players may have missed, each providing a backstory to the story of Sonic Frontiers courtesy of Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Frontiers metal bird and sonic

As long as players have unlocked one of the five islands, fast travel is available by simply accessing the map. However, on Chaos Island, a few smaller islands are scattered around it with no obvious way to get to them. Some are available with grind rails, but there is one way of traversing that players may not have noticed.

The metal birds on Chaos Island aren’t just enemies to fight. Sonic can also use them as a means of transportation. All players have to do is get over them or parry their dive attack to lock and lock onto the bar between the claws. Sonic will then swing on top of the bird and control it as it slides down.

2/6 Real final boss

Sonic Frontier's true endgame

Sonic Frontiers has three difficulties to suit any player, but there is a bonus for those who are up for a challenge. Those who play the game on Hard mode will experience the “True Ending” to Sonic Frontierswhich involves an additional boss aptly named The End.

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To do this, players must play the game on hard mode before the final Chaos Emerald. Thanks to the ability to change the difficulty at any time during a playthrough, those on Easy or Normal mode can switch to the highest mode before the final match. Sonic will then be faced with the Supreme Titan, followed by The End in a battle similar to the hacking tasks found throughout the game (but much more difficult).

1/6 Infinite Boost

Sonic Frontier's Cyloop Against Enemies

After unlocking the Cyloop ability, Sonic can achieve an infinite increase in speed by running in an infinite symbol loop. This replaces the limited boost meter that players can use while running, giving Sonic more time to run at full capacity.

The boost wears off after a while, but the “infinite” part of the move means players can refresh it by drawing the same symbol again. This easy-to-miss bonus can be very useful to use while speeding across the island. It can also be used in boss fight strategies as part of a combo.

Sonic Frontiers is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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