All Android owners warned about creepy “app danger” that you need to avoid

All Android owners warned about creepy “app danger” that you need to avoid

Make sure you don’t accidentally download any shady apps from the Google Play Store.

It could end up costing you in terms of privacy – or even actual money.

Be careful when downloading apps from the Google Play Store


Be careful when downloading apps from the Google Play StoreCredit: Google / Android

Every month, dozens of Android apps are revealed to be dangerous, fraudulent, or both.

Earlier this year, it emerged that as many as 75 apps were filled with spammy “adware” that floods phones with advertisements.

There’s no truly foolproof way to guarantee you’ll avoid being hacked — but cyber experts say you can increase your chances of avoiding danger.

“Stick to native app stores and stay away from third-party app stores,” warned cybersecurity giant Kaspersky.

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“As a rule of thumb, stick to the Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft stores.

“Even in the official stores, you should read app reviews and search trusted websites for more information.”

Dodgy apps

This is a problem on Android phones, especially because there are many alternative app stores.

The official Android alternative is called the Play Store – and it’s owned and operated by Google.

Using other app stores can pose a big risk, as well as downloading .apk app files from websites online.

Kaspersky says you should be very careful when downloading apps from places outside of the Google Play Store.

“Never download apps without verifying their security first,” Kaspersky said.

“Most phones have settings that allow you to verify apps from unknown sources before downloading.

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“However, find and read reviews to prevent suspicious apps on your device.”

Nowhere is safe

Of course, apps in the Google Play Store are not always safe.

The Sun often reports on fraud slips that have crept into the store – and avoid detection.

And even if Google bans these apps from the Play Store — as it often does — they may still be lurking on your Android phone if you’ve already downloaded them.

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So be sure to keep an eye out for official warnings about dangerous apps.

It’s also worth checking through your phone regularly to see if you can remove old apps.

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