Alice in Wonderland: Who is the Witch?

Alice in Wonderland: Who is the Witch?

In the events of Alice in Borderland on Netflix, the formation of the Beach allowed the players to merge the cards they had earned and collaborate on techniques that would enable them to win games while reducing deaths, suggesting that the characters had hacked the game .

But the alliance fell apart after the Ten of Hearts game, the last they needed to win before the face cards appeared, and a true witch hunt was launched to identify the “witch” responsible for Momoka’s death. What about Alice in the Borderlands? Who was the witch there?

In Alice in Borderland, Momoka herself was the witch who murdered Alice. With her friend’s return to the real world at stake, she took her own life. During the game, she was a negotiator, helping the game’s organizers set up the witch hunt.

It’s worth noting that the point of playing Hearts has never been to test your intellect, but rather to play with your emotions. This is why no one could get the Ten of Hearts puzzle right before Arisu fled. If Arisu had been there throughout the Ten of Hearts event, the witch may have been apprehended much earlier, saving many lives.

Alice In Borderland: Who is the Witch
Alice In Borderland: Who is the Witch

Who is the witch in the game ten hearts?

Before Arisu, no one had ever figured out how to win the game of Ten of Hearts since so few people had ever played a game of hearts before. As previously hinted, Hears’ games were designed to play with the player’s emotions in an attempt to obscure their ability to reason and think clearly. As the other players slaughtered each other, Arisu was trapped.

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The combination of Arisu’s rational and emotional abilities allowed him to determine that no one on the beach was the witch after he was free. That’s because Momoka herself played the witch and then killed herself before the game began. Therefore, they could simply burn Momoka’s corpse to end the game. The bloodshed that erupted over the Ten of Hearts game might have been prevented if only they had coordinated their efforts to discover the mystery.

In reality, Momoka was one of the “dealers” working with the Games’ organizers. One of her and her companions was ordered to sacrifice herself so the other could go away. Momoka committed suicide because she believed it would free her mate so she could rejoin the living. With that, the action began.

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What is The Ten Of Hearts Game?

It’s no secret that the protagonists of Alice in Borderland are a select group of individuals who have been whisked away to a parallel realm and made to play card games. A person who makes a mistake while trying to solve one of these games may well be killed.

The Hearts games were more difficult than the others because they played with the players’ emotions, while many of the other games needed players to have rational brains that enabled them to solve the puzzles. When Arisu lost all her friends playing Seven of Hearts, we saw how complicated the Hearts games can be. As he watched his friends die so he could survive, he became more determined than ever to find a way to escape this parallel universe.

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Meanwhile, after this incident, Arisu learned about the Beach, a community where players could come together to merge the cards they had won through the various games. It was the beach, under the management of a guy known only as “the hatter” which gave the players the opportunity to constantly celebrate their arrival in Borderlands. The participant’s ability to work together to complete the activities and find a way back to reality was the best part of the beach.

Last lines

In Alice in Borderland on Netflix, players pooled their cards and collaborated on strategies that would allow them to win games while reducing the number of deaths, suggesting that they had hacked the game. This was made possible by the development of the beach.

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