A TikToker Shared A Hack To Apply For ‘200 Jobs In 2 Days’ And Here’s How To Do It

A TikToker Shared A Hack To Apply For ‘200 Jobs In 2 Days’ And Here’s How To Do It

If you find the hardest part of looking for a job in Canada, the often lengthy application process, this one is for you.

A person on TikTok recently shared a tip for applying for jobs that they said allowed them to apply for more than 200 positions in just two days.

Jerry Lee, a career consultant who posts job tips on TikTok @jerryjhlee, shared a clip showing his hack to apply for hundreds of jobs in a very short time.

“I’ve noticed that the most annoying thing about applying for a job is filling in the same information over and over and over,” he begins the video.

He shared that he uses a Google Chrome extension to make the process much easier.

“What I do is I use Simplify, which automatically uploads your resume, email, location and everything else so all you have to do is click ‘send.’


Responding to @jaymie_inc how to apply for 200 jobs in 2 days — perfect timing with the holidays #CV #jobbtips

Lee also showed her method for speeding up the process of answering job-specific questions, such as describing an experience you had that makes you right for the role.

For this, Lee uses ChatGPT, an artificially intelligent model that can answer questions.

“Go ahead to your resume and copy everything [and] paste it into GPT,” says Lee. He shows that you need to copy the application question and paste it into AI as well.

ChatGPT then creates a response, which you can copy and paste into the application field.

“So, now each job application shouldn’t take you more than a minute,” Lee says in the clip.

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If you’re wondering if these tips actually work, Lee shared in a comment on the video that he heard back from seven jobs in just the first two days of applying.

While many in the comments of the clip seemed impressed with the tactics Lee shared, others were less enthusiastic.

“It’s all fun and games until they call you and you don’t know what position you’re applying for,” one person said.

“Then people wonder why companies never respond to applicants,” said another commenter.

However, the hack definitely looks like it will help speed up the application process, which may be a necessary thing at a time when many Canadians are looking for a new job.

According to a survey by employment firm Robert Half, half of Canadian workers plan to look for a new job in the next six months, and many Gen Z and millennials in particular plan to look for new work.

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