A Ninja Gaiden reboot is being made

A Ninja Gaiden reboot is being made

Team NINJA confirms they are working on a long-awaited reboot of the Ninja Gaiden series during their Korea G-Star convention keynote.

ONE Ninja Gaiden reboot is reportedly being performed. Ninja Gaiden is a long-running and popular action game series, originating in 1988 with a beat ’em up arcade game and a beloved 2D action platformer created for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Ninja Gaiden has been largely absent since the 2012 conclusion of the Team Ninja trilogy and a 2014 hack-and-slash spin-off. That looks set to change, but Team Ninja confirms Ninja Gaiden return.

While the original Ninja Gaiden Action platformers are well-loved, most fans of the franchise will probably associate the name with Team Ninja’s trilogy of hardcore 3D action hack-and-slash games. Released in 2004, 2008 and 2012, the trio of Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden the titles were both embraced and despised for their brutally difficult cinematic combat and graphic violence. The series’ protagonist Ryu Hyabusa would slash at incredibly challenging enemies, often dismembering or beheading them – at least until the violence was toned down in Ninja Gaiden 3.


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According to Noisy Pixel, the announcement of a new Ninja Gaiden the game being made came directly from Team Ninja, and not from IP owner Koei Tecmo. Team Ninja held a keynote presentation at the Korea G-Star Conference, a gaming-focused expo. All that has been confirmed is that Team Ninja has said one Ninja Gaiden reboot is done, but otherwise no further details about the project are given.

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Although this is the first time one Ninja Gaiden reboot has been confirmed, there have been significant hints that this would happen in the relatively recent past. In 2021, Koei Tecmo released a Ninja Gaiden: Master Collectiona pack that includes definitive editions of all three Team Ninjas Ninja Gaiden titles, for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. It can be seen as Koei Tecmo testing the waters for Ninja Gaidenis coming back or Team Ninja is warming up to work on the franchise again.

Given the lack of information currently available, it is unclear when more will be shared Ninja Gaiden start over. It is possible that the new Ninja Gaiden The game is only in pre-production, which will mean years may pass before it is ready for public viewing. However, Team Ninja is known for an aggressive game release schedule, so anything is possible.

For a modern Ninja Gaiden what the title would look like is certainly a mystery. Team Ninja could certainly try to recreate the magic of its past success, focusing on difficulty and violence. Alternatively, it can do something more modern and turn around Ninja Gaiden into an action RPG like Team Ninja’s recent projects, Nioh and Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. Either way, it’s going to make a lot of people happy Ninja Gaiden fans today.

Ninja Gaiden is in development.

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Source: Noisy Pixel

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