9 Best Apple Watch Games

9 Best Apple Watch Games

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Did you know that Apple Watch can keep you entertained and informed? Here are some of the best Apple Watch games you can play today.

It is no understatement to say that smartphones have changed gaming forever. You used to be able to play video games on consoles, computers or dedicated handheld devices. Now you can play some amazing games right on your phone. But did you know that you can also play some genuinely amazing games right on your wrist?

While it might not seem like the ideal device for gaming, the Apple Watch can actually provide a lot of entertainment if you add the right games.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch games you can check out today.

apple watch game minesweeper

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then 20 Watch Games is probably it.

For 99 cents you get 20 games, including versions of classics like Minesweeper, Sudoku, Pong and the original mobile phone classic Snake.

apple watch game snake

The quality is a bit hit-and-miss (the spelling of “success” on the ATM game is really something to behold), but there are some genuinely addictive games to choose from. With so many options, you’ll likely keep coming back to 20 Watch Games again and again.

Download 20 See Games (Free)

Apple Watch Game Rules

The small amount of real estate available on an Apple Watch face means that most games have fairly simple rules. Rules! takes this concept and runs with it. You have a screen with four cards, and all you have to do is tap them in the right order, according to a rule like “highest first”.

However, after each correct turn, a new rule is added that takes precedence over the previous rule. You have to follow all the rules to clear each board and you soon have a long list of rules you’re desperately trying to remember. This is another highly addictive game where you will find yourself having “just one more try.”

Download Rules! ($2.99)

Apple Watch Game Lifeline

If you’re a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, you’ll love Lifeline. You receive a message from a stranded astronaut and you can choose how to continue the conversation by tapping one of the suggested responses. The more you communicate, the more of the mystery is revealed. Taylor will go offline for a while now and then and you have to wait for him to reconnect before you can continue with the game.

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You can play on the Apple Watch or on the iPhone, but it’s definitely a game suitable for the Apple Watch. You can dive in and out, and interacting with the answers is a simple tap. If you love Lifeline, the good news is that once you’re done, you can play Lifeline 2 and a whole host of other sequels.

Download Lifeline ($2.99)

apple watch game comrad

If you like Lifeline’s style of interactive fiction, then Komrad is another Apple Watch game you should check out.

You receive an anonymous message that you have been hacked. The only way to remove your name is to use an old computer system to find some mysterious codes that you can change to erase your name. As you interact with the computer’s AI, you slowly peel back the layers of the mystery. Just like with Lifeline, you interact by choosing from one of the suggested answers, and your choices affect how the game progresses.

Like Lifeline, the game will occasionally pause for significant periods of time, and you’ll have to wait for the next message before continuing.

Download Komrad ($0.99)

apple watch game solitaire

If you’re looking for a way to kill some time, you can’t go far wrong with a game or twelve of Solitaire. The good news is that you can play the game right from your Apple Watch.

This single-player classic is surprisingly easy to play on such a small screen. If you tap on a playable card, it will automatically move to the correct location. If you press an ace, for example, it will be placed in the top row. You have the ability to undo a move if you made a mistake, and you can even see an overview of your current and longest winning streaks.

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Download Solitaire The Game (Free)

apple watch game pocket bandit

Creating great games for the Apple Watch is a challenge due to minimal screen real estate and a lack of physical hardware. One physical control that the Apple Watch does have, however, is the digital crown, and the Pocket Bandit makes brilliant use of it and the Apple Watch’s vibrations.

Your mission is to crack safes, and you use the digital crown to turn the glass. When you approach the correct number, the watch vibrates. You’ll have to crack more numbers to unlock the safe, and you’ll face other obstacles like moving tripwires that you’ll have to avoid if you don’t want the police to come knocking.

Pocket Bandit is another simple yet highly addictive game, and one designed exclusively for the Apple Watch.

Download Pocket Bandit ($0.99)

apple watch games pocket plants

The Apple Watch is one of the best fitness wearables out there. One thing it is not good at, however, is providing motivation to exercise. Unless you’re in the middle of a very long streak, there isn’t much incentive to close your rings. This is where Pocket Plants comes in.

The main objective of the game is to collect and grow plants. While doing so, you can combine plants to create new ones. This requires energy, and you can harvest energy from your plants as they grow, but you can also get it by completing steps, recorded with your iPhone, Apple Watch or Fitbit. When you complete a certain number of steps, you can convert them into energy or other rewards.

Most of the game is played on your phone, but even without your phone, you can take a walk and convert all those Apple Watch steps into energy for your plants when you get home.

Download Pocket Plants (free with in-app purchases)

apple watch game trivia crack

If you love a good trivia night, Trivia Crack might be the perfect Apple Watch game for you.

Not only can you choose from a wide range of topics covering everything from history to country music, but you can even create your own questions. To use the more complex features, you’ll need your iPhone, but if you just want to test your trivia skills, you can play directly from your Apple Watch.

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Tap and hold the screen to start a new game and choose an opponent, or choose to be paired with a random player. Spin the wheel and hope your trivia skills are up to scratch!

Download Trivia Crack (Free with In-App Purchases)

apple watch game elevate

There are tons of games out there that claim to train your brain. Elevate might just be one that actually lives up to its promise.

It is designed to improve focus, processing speed, memory, math skills, speaking ability and more, through a variety of fun brain training games. You can track your performance and see how you compare to other people, or even create your own custom workout.

To get all the features of Elevate, you need to play on iPhone, but you can play a selection of games directly on Apple Watch. These include spelling, math and vocabulary games. If you want to use your watch to get smarter, try Elevate.

Download Elevate (free with in-app purchases)

Do more with Apple Watch

Hopefully you’ve found your next favorite game on this list of the best Apple Watch games. If you have any other favorite Apple Watch games you think people should know about, let us know in the comments below.

Gaming is just one way to get more out of your Apple Watch. Did you know you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone even when you’re wearing a mask? Or that you can do it the other way around, and use your iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch?

You can even use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac without having to enter your passcode.

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