9 Best 2022 Video Games for TV and Movie Fans

9 Best 2022 Video Games for TV and Movie Fans

Without a doubt, 2022 was an outstanding year for video games and those who love them, with a wide variety of highly anticipated and celebrated releases, from Fire Ring to Return to Monkey Island to Encryption to God of War: Ragnarök, to name a few. Less generally, it was also a great year for games that appealed more specifically to those with an overt passion for movies and TV shows, and we’ve rounded up the best releases most worthy of gamers’ attention (and obsessions).

All the games listed below were brand new releases by 2022, so you won’t see such potentially suitable offers as Sam & Max: This time it’s virtualits PSVR port, the World War Z: Aftermath update, or Cup head‘s Delicious last course DLC, although the latter should be enjoyed 100% by anyone who has seen the TV show with one Netflix subscription. Now let’s get down to business with one of the wildest pop culture crossovers of the digital age.

Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark in MultiVersus

(Image credit: Playstation)


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