7 technologies that will soon change online gambling

7 technologies that will soon change online gambling

Playing at an online casino is a real adventure because you are surrounded by great animation and design, tailored bonuses, mobile optimization and other benefits. And the industry continues to evolve at a tremendous rate, so there are always changes to find out if you’re playing on one 7Bit Casino or any other modern site. In this article, we want to share the most promising technologies that will help gambling evolve in 2023.

  1. Smart contracts

Smart contracts have reached online gambling and are often used in conjunction with blockchain allowing for easy and convenient transactions. With the help of smart contracts, players get better security and speed, and can almost forget about fraudsters and scams that aim to find breaches and steal the funds on the way from a bank to a casino and vice versa.

  1. Machine learning

Originally used for artificial intelligence, machine learning has already expanded into a number of fields, including online gambling. Casinos rely heavily on ensuring the best possible user experience and machine learning knows how to help with that.

Although this technology is still in the development stage, the benefits are already obvious. For example, beginners get tips and recommendations on how to play and win. Or punters receive tailored promotions and newsletters in their emails. No unnecessary details, uninteresting games or casino bonuses that don’t meet your bankroll or payment methods.

  1. Several payment processors

Although Visa was lazyunformed in 1959 and has stood the test of time, it is often replaced by faster and more flexible payment methods. When you make a deposit or withdrawal the winnings, players will have access to first-class solutions with low fees, native apps and two-factor authentication. For example, digital wallets, prepaid cards and crypto. The latter, by the way, is believed to bypass debit and credit cards in the near future due to 100% anonymity and decentralization.

  1. Better loading and access speed

Another technology that will make online gambling more advanced is Flash and HTML5. If you’re old enough, you might remember heavy software that had to be downloaded to play at an online casino. It took up a lot of space, took time to install, and the quality of the content was pretty poor.

But with the latest versions of HTML5 and Flash technology, gambling sites are able to provide the best user experience: instant loading, great design and the absence of time- and space-consuming software. Just open your browser on a laptop or smartphone and play anywhere.

  1. 3D tracks

Slots are the most popular games in online and land-based casinos, and to impress players, software developers are implementing new technologies. For example 3D. Although there aren’t many 3D slots at the moment, they are extremely popular. Such games offer more realistic landscapes, convenient gameplay and exclusive features not found in traditional machines.

  1. Big Data

Although big data may not be the most discussed technology, in recent years it became the biggest achievement. Big data makes it possible to collect huge amounts of information and process it at high speed. It increases efficiency, cuts costs, offers localized ssolutions, and allows competition in a rather demanding market. Online casinos use big data to evaluate user behavior and then offer customized solutions for the best experience: favorite games, personalized bonuses and so on.

  1. Improved cyber security

The latest technology to make gambling better is cyber security. Unfortunately, the number of cyber attacks is constantly growing and online casinos are a common target. Hackers like to steal money and sensitive information, so gambling sites invest heavily in their top-notch security. With advanced technology, you almost eliminate the risk of being hacked or cheated out of funds. In addition, you will remain anonymous without fear of being judged for the hobby.

The future looks promising

Machine learning, fast loading, 3D and big data are just some of the technologies that will change online gambling in the near future. And if you’re among the enthusiasts who can’t imagine life without new features, devices and software, we recommend reading our articles further. Written by Grace Tennet, a content manager at NZ CasinoHEX, they contain valuable and interesting information on all things gambling related.

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