7 Ridiculously Simple Gift Packages From TikTok That Will Elevate Your Gifts

7 Ridiculously Simple Gift Packages From TikTok That Will Elevate Your Gifts

Christmas is just days away, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to wrap presents like a pro.

Luckily, TikTok is here to help. The social media platform has loads of gift wrapping, and some of these are so simple – all you need is festive wrapping paper and tape!

There are also some super easy hacks for wrapping wine bottles and other pesky, oddly shaped objects.

So if you’re thinking of upping your gift-giving game this year, here’s how to do it:

Gifts with a festive handle


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This incredibly simple hack only involves one more item than you’d normally use – a ribbon – but the overall effect is so good.

As TokToker @lindsayroggenbuck demonstrates, all you have to do is wrap the gift as you normally would at the bottom.

At the top, use a ribbon to fold the wrapping paper down. You can then tie the ribbon into a bow. Not only does this look super festive, it also creates a handle to carry your gift. Practical!

Kraft paper wrapping


I’m amazed at what you can make from a dollar store tree, some Kraft paper and a Sharpie! Inspired by @wrappinqueen #Christmaswrapping #12daysofwrapping #wrapping #giftwrapping #viralwrap

Who says kraft paper has to be boring? As Canadian TikToker @sonya_health demonstrates, you can actually create some super whimsical designs with accessories found at any dollar store.

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Here she simply draws a car with a pen and attaches a cute little Christmas tree accessory to the top.

Simple… yet brilliant. And all with items you can find at a dollar store.

Oddly shaped gifts


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Have you ever struggled to wrap an oddly shaped gift?

If you have, this is a hack you might need in your life.

The TikTok hack basically shows how you can stick wrapping paper together to make a bag that you can stuff your item into.

When you’re done with that, fold the paper in and out until it reaches the object.

Then, using double-sided tape, fan out the top of the gift to make a pretty little decoration. What’s not to love about it?

Packaging of wine bottles

Speaking of oddly shaped objects, ever bought a bottle of wine and wondered how best to wrap it?

Well, as TikToker Natasha Swingler demonstrates, there are actually many ways to turn that bottle into a work of art.

Whether you want to try wrapping paper or another material like tissue paper, these designs are so pretty that the recipient may not even be in a hurry to unwrap them.

A “shirt” cover


Day 4: This is a cute wrap for your favorite man! Inspired by: @gifthouse6 #12daysofwrapping #gaveinnpakking #gaveinnpakking #gaver #innpakkinggaver

Finding a gift to impress dads can be difficult sometimes. But this wrapping method is sure to bring a laugh.

TikToker Sonya shows an easy way to fold clothes into wrapping paper so it looks like a cute shirt.

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And it’s super easy too. All you have to do is wrap the gift as you normally would, albeit with much sharper lines.

She then cuts off a bit of the top to create a collar effect.

She also makes a super cute bow and name tag for it, and the overall look is pretty great!

A cracker wrap


Reply to @gabfrohlich who thinks outside the box on this one…😉 #gaveinnpakking #gaveinnpakking #innpakking #innpakkinghacks #howto #socks

If you have a smaller gift and are looking for something really outside the box, you can always try making a Christmas cracker.

It’s so easy, all you need is wrapping paper, tape and a steady hand, and you can create a pretty cool design that’s sure to please.

Gift Wrapping Hack


GIFT BAG TRICK! 🧚🏼‍♀️💫👀 #fyp #giftbag #giftbaghack #christmastiktok #FlexEveryAngle #foryoupage #fyp

And finally, if you find you’ve run out of wrapping paper or tape but have a bag instead, here’s an easy way to spruce it up.

By taking the strings and pushing them through the opposite sides, you can create a cool mechanism where you can seal or lock the bag!

This one is sure to be useful to everyone at some point.

So there you have it.

These tips are sure to turn your gifts into works of art. Good luck!

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