7 Forgotten Games About Angels (That Are Awesome)

7 Forgotten Games About Angels (That Are Awesome)

Games with angels can vary both in theme and game. There are amazing horror games with them, RPGs, shoot-em-ups, strategy and different genres a player can think of. However, some games with angels are better than others, and many of them, no matter how good they were at the time, tend to be forgotten.

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While some older games can’t hold a candle to the amazing graphics of today’s games, it’s always the stories and characters that make some of them stand the test of time – and if not, at least a little nostalgic. box somewhere in the minds of the players.


7/7 Bayonetta, 2009


With Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon come next year, it’s a given that players will want to think back on the other Bayonetta games in the franchise. And as they reminisced, they would surely remember how many angels were in these games and the different things each of them did.

While people tend to correlate the word “angels” with goodness, i Bayonetta, the Angels of Paradiso are the main antagonists and they are far from the cute image of the cute little winged beings. They are fierce, huge and tough.

6/7 Constantine, 2005

Constantine video game

Fans loved or hated this game, just like the movie – especially when it came out. Nevertheless, when Constantine the video game came out in 2005, it did not go unnoticed. A mix of an RPG and a third-person shooter, the game features Constantine casting spells left and right. In this universe there are angels, demons and half-breeds, who are either half angels or half demons and half humans.

Constantine’s mission is pretty much the same as it is in the movie: exorcise demons. In fact, one of the first things he does is remove a demon from a little girl’s body in a hotel, which is almost identical to the movie.

5/7 Shade: Wrath Of Angels, 2004

Shade Wrath Of Angels

Demon lords might be cool, but angry angels would always be cooler. The Shade: Wrath Of Angels the game proves that point and then some.

In the game, the player meets the Angel of Faith, who gives him the quest to free three other angels and gives him a red demon to assist him in his quest.

The angel then transports the player to three different worlds, where he can find the missing pieces of the angels’ hearts and free them.

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The big reveal is that the Angel of Faith is the main antagonist and quite evil – although the fact that they gave the player a demon for an assistant should probably have been a hint.

4/7 Requiem: Avenging Angel, 1999

Requiem Avenging Angel

It may be old enough to have kids of its own, but this ’90s game hasn’t been forgotten. Requiem: Avenging Angel is, apart from a trip down memory lane for many players, also a shoot-em-up that had class. It lacks a lot in terms of graphics, but that’s normal for a game this old, and while the characters may be even more pixelated than those games, the huge lore behind it makes up for it.

Instead of opting for the simple gory recipe, the developers went above and beyond while making this game, as it actually draws inspiration from the Bible and Christianity and has its entire backstory set in heaven.

3/7 Holy, 2004


Angels come in many shapes and forms, and it’s good not to forget that fallen angels are a pretty big deal in the gaming world that loves a bit of an anti-hero every now and then.

IN holy, the player has the choice to choose to play as a seraphim, get wings and start the game with a mission in a church. The main villain is a demon conjured by a necromancer, because… why not?

Of course, things went wrong, and now the player must find the five elements and use them to defeat him (the demon, not the necromancer – although he should probably be punished as well).

2/7 Darksiders, 2010


Not as old or as forgotten as the others, since the last part of the game came out in 2019, but Darksiders franchise tends to be forgotten as some of the great games about angels because fans focus more on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aspect.

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The world of Darksiders is full of angels battling demons for who will take control of the world in this hack-and-slash masterpiece. Inspired characters and interesting gameplay make the franchise a beloved one that hopefully won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

1/7 DMC: Devil May Cry, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry

This game may be almost 10 years old, but some of the characters cannot be forgotten, like Dante, the cool demon hunter, who uses the power of darkness to do business.

DMC: Devil May Cry plays with the idea of ​​the Nephilim, the child of an angel and a demon, and what this unorthodox mix brings forth are memorable heroes and hours of enjoyable gameplay. This hack-and-slash action-adventure game has a huge and complicated story, but fans never seem to tire of it, as the characters are very well written and the graphics are amazing.

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