7 basic rules of sexting: Be careful while having fun – check the dos and don’ts! | News about love, relationships

7 basic rules of sexting: Be careful while having fun – check the dos and don’ts!  |  News about love, relationships

Digital communication has taken over and not only with friends and family, also when it comes to romance, texting is an important way of connecting. “XOXO” (hugs and kisses), “French” (French kiss), “IWSN” (I want sex now), “<3" (heart) and "LOML" (love of life) - these are some of the terms that used by couples, who are not in the same place, or potential partners today to spark romance. Conservatives may frown, but "sexting" can be fun, as long as it's done safely.

Being decent is essential, but there are some other rules for sexting as well. Here are some ground rules for “sexting”:

1) Avoid WhatsApp

You should avoid sending SMS or using platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook chats to exchange nude photos. Apps that have encrypted chats, self-destructing messages and screen blocking should be used. Overall, it is safest to avoid sending nude photos.

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2) Hide identifiable features

While some apps allow you to blur your face, there are apps that can reverse the blur. So be it your face, tattoos or birthmarks, avoid posting any identifiable features. These include the furniture in your room or other prominent decor elements that will make you easily identifiable.

3) Delete pictures, NO screenshots

Do not take screenshots or save images of your partner without their consent. Phones can also be hacked, so it’s best to delete evidence. If you still want to store data with your partner’s consent, store it in encrypted and password-protected folders.

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4) Delete metadata

Even if your photo has no identifiable features, your phone’s metadata stores information such as the date, time, and location where the photo was taken. Use photo editing apps to remove this data.

5) Timing is key

When passion is at its peak, it can be difficult to pay attention to this, but an overzealous partner is mostly a turn-off. Exercise restraint from time to time. Waiting can also increase anticipation, and this can be good for your love life.

6) Respect the “curfew”

Texting someone very late can be considered a burglar call late at night. So be careful!

7) Avoid ambiguity

It is very easy to misunderstand text messages. Sexting is meant to be time-saving flirting, so don’t beat around the bush or be ambiguous.

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