69.9% Teen Crimes In Kuwait From ‘Video Games’ – ‘Severe Lack Of Supervision’ – ARAB TIMES

69.9% Teen Crimes In Kuwait From ‘Video Games’ – ‘Severe Lack Of Supervision’ – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 13: Participants in a symposium held by the Kuwait Society for Information Security rang alarm bells when they revealed that 69.9 percent of crimes committed by teenagers were inspired by electronic games that they spend hours playing in the absence of adult supervision, reports Al-Qabas daily. They explained that children in the age group of 15 to 18 are exposed daily to this imminent danger.

It exposes them to negative phenomena that affect their mental and physical health, so that they become trapped in social dangers and violent attacks. Warnings have been issued that children and teenagers have taken to social media without adult supervision to spend time playing many and varied electronic games that encourage violence and murder.

Specialists warn of the danger of these games, especially for children, who end up being sexually assaulted or hacked and for the theft of credit card information from their parents. During the symposium, which was held by the president of the Kuwait Society for Information Security Dr. Safaa Zaman, the specialists recounted experiences and incidents that children and youth in the country encountered as a result of these games, such as being asked to photograph themselves and their families in inappropriate situations for extortion in exchange for money that can be used in games.

According to a security official who participated in the symposium, studies were recently presented by the relevant authorities in the country, which showed that 69.9 percent of crimes committed by teenagers are motivated, and the source is electronic games.

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He explained that there are various issues related to electronic games, including the recruitment of a group of teenagers – which was caught a few months ago – for the benefit of one of the organizations with the aim of carrying out a terrorist act inside the country. This is the second group of teenagers caught by the security services after being recruited through games, as the previous case was in 2020.

In addition, Dr. Safaa Zaman confirmed that there are several problems and major dangers associated with electronic and video games, including psychological, family, behavioral, violent, and educational problems, as these games have become one of the negative influences on educational attainment. of students. She warned that children’s lack of role models leads them to enter the world of social media through imitation without knowing the danger that threatens them, adding that the spread of any image on the Internet involves a set of data that others pick up and use negatively , including blackmail.

Dr. Zaman indicated that some games involve extracting data from the WhatsApp application, then communicating with the owner of the device, threatening them and forcing them to participate in challenges that could lead to death. She said that children’s fear of sharing the stories and problems that happen to them via the Internet can lead to disasters. Dr. Zaman urged parents to activate their role and fulfill their duty to protect their children.

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