6 unusual tricks that will make your iPhone more secure and private

6 unusual tricks that will make your iPhone more secure and private

iPhone claims to be the safest and most secure phone, but it’s no secret that iPhones are hacked and tapped all the time, and even the smallest things can exploit your privacy. With all of these new improvements, it’s important to keep in mind that these new features can help or hinder your security and privacy.

Remember that if you do everything we mention here, your iPhone will not allow some of its useful functions, but at the same time it will protect your private data better. You don’t have to follow all the tips, so feel free to choose what you are ready to sacrifice for safety’s sake, it’s entirely up to you.

Turn on two-step verification for Apple ID and iCloud

You set up two-step verification when available for Apple ID and iCloud. When you set up two-step verification, you register one or more trusted and secure devices (devices you control) that can receive 4-digit verification codes using either SMS or the Find My iPhone service.

This allows you to sign in to manage your Apple ID, sign in to iCloud, or make an iTunes, iBooks, or App Store purchase from a new device. You must confirm your identity by entering both your password and a 4-digit verification code. It will prevent your Apple account from being used by someone who is not authorized.

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Where can you submit these requirements? Go to –> “Manage your Apple ID” –> “Password and Security” –> “Two-Step Verification”.

Disable Siri on a lock screen

Allowing everyone to access your AI assistant is not a good idea, which is why you should turn off Siri on the lock screen. It’s not necessary to turn it off completely, but you’ll be much safer if you prevent it from activating from a lock screen or on a “Hey Siri” voice command. Don’t forget: Siri can communicate with anyone, not just the owner of the device it works on. It can reduce the possibility of data extraction from the smartphone using Siri.

Go to “Settings” –> “Passcode” (or “Touch ID and Password”) -> “Allow access when locked” section –> “Siri: off”


“Settings” –> “General” –> “Siri” –> “Allow “Hey Siri”: off”.

Use additional encryption when backing up

Every time you upgrade your iPhone, you create a potential threat of your data being eavesdropped. Not only do you want to keep a copy of your data, but you also want to help secure that data. When backing up your Apple devices, it’s best to connect to your computer and use iTunes. Make sure iTunes is configured to encrypt these backups. This encrypts your data and you can create your own password.

Open iTunes when you connect your device to your computer. Select your device from the iTunes drop-down menu. In the Backups section, check the box for “Encrypt iPhone Backup.” You will then be asked to create a password.

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Enable iPhone finder after turned off

By enabling iPhone finder after power off, you will be able to track your iPhone even if it is turned off. Go to the power menu (by pressing the volume and side button) and select enable findable iPhone after power off. This feature will also be useful if you ever lose your iPhone, where you will be able to track it even if someone turns it off.

Change notification style

If you don’t want anyone to see your notifications on a lock screen when you go out, this feature can really help you. You can change the notification style from stack to count to hide the content of the notification on the lock screen. On top of that, change the Show previews when unlocked option to see the details of the notification only when the iPhone is unlocked.

Disable so the app can ask to track

If you are annoyed by the notification you get every time you download an app saying that the app can track, you can directly disable the allow app to request tracking feature. To do so, go to settings > privacy and security > tracking > and disable allow apps to request tracking.

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