5 useful apps you need to know about

5 useful apps you need to know about

App stores house a wide range of applications, but many unique and valuable apps often remain undiscovered and unappreciated.

Recently, app developers have started to seek new innovative ideas instead of building on the existing ones, discovering small user needs and filling the gaps needed.

Here’s a list of five unique and useful apps that you didn’t know existed but always wished they did:

Dashlane – Password manager

This simple app helps you manage all your login information and passwords in one place. You no longer need to remember login details for each site, instead one master password for Dashlane will remember and autofill them for you.

The app has a mobile and desktop application that can be installed to auto-fill all your details on demand. It also features facial recognition login for easy password autofill when logging in on any platform.

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What’s more, the password manager offers tools like password health, VPN, and dark web monitoring to ensure your passwords haven’t been leaked or hacked.

You can use the free version of the app without access to tools and easy password management, or you can choose to buy the monthly subscription at Rs30 for individuals and Rs50 for the family plan.

Air – Podcast player and recorder

The podcast player app, available only on iOS, allows you to trim podcast notes after recording for 30 seconds. The free app lets you capture your favorite part of a podcast in a short clip that you can rewatch and listen to again through the app.

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Users can tap on the quote icon and drag it to select the moment they want to capture. It allows you to subtitle, edit and share your recorded clip from a podcast.

Plus, if you’re on the go and can’t stop, you can use Siri to record or triple-tap your headphones to save the last 45 seconds.

All quotes are private by default, but you can choose to make them public or share them with friends and family if you wish.

Air for Android hasn’t arrived yet, but has a waiting list, promising users that it could be on its way.

Obsidian – Extensive note taking

The note-taking app allows you to take extensive notes and research with smooth connection and transformation between cross-referenced content.

The app aims to help you organize your thoughts, ideas and plans by breaking them down into simple notes that can be linked to several others.

The platform includes amazing features like core plugins, graph display and the ability to supercharge your workflow.

Although Obsidian has paid subscriptions, the free basic plan offers basic note-taking services, while the subscription plans offer early access to insider builds and an exclusive development channel.

The interface may seem simple and boring, but the features ensure that all important tools are available to writers, teachers and students with research assignments.

Insta Paper – Internet bookmarking app

This social bookmarking app saves all your articles, videos, cooking recipes, song lyrics and more to read later on any device connected to your Insta Paper account.

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You can save any web page you come across on any browser with just one click, so it can be read and managed later. Saved parts can be read anywhere on any device, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android.

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Insta Paper also lets you read your synced pieces offline while annotating them, such as highlighting text or adding comments.

Although this useful app can be used in the free version, the premium subscription offers additional features such as full-text search for saved articles, unlimited notes (the free version only allows a maximum number of five), text-to-speech playlists and the ability to speed read with unlimited usage.

The subscription costs Rs 300/month and Rs 3,100/year.

How – Preparation for a job interview

This popular app helps you prepare for job interviews with more than 300 featured occupations and generates interview questions to better prepare you.

The questions are taken from reputable job search platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed, while providing each client with great feedback on their answers, personal qualities they displayed during the mock interview and tips to improve their performance.

The platform offers professional interview preparation for almost all career occupations, from entry level to management.

Questions from Huru are selected by hiring managers in large companies to provide better interview stimulation.

In addition, the AI ​​feedback will provide detailed feedback on your interview and suggestions on how to correct mistakes and improve with speech analysis and live coaching.

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