5 must-have apps for your iPad

5 must-have apps for your iPad

iPads are among the most popular devices for technology enthusiasts as they provide the perfect combination of portability and processing power. With thousands of quality app options available for download on the iTunes Store, it can be difficult to know where to start when building your iPad library of apps.

The iPad has been around for nearly a decade, and there are an overwhelming number of apps available for the device. To help you sift through the clutter, we’ve compiled a list of five must-have apps for tech enthusiasts. These apps have been thoroughly researched and are guaranteed to enhance your iOS experience.

5 apps you should consider installing to streamline your iPad experience

With advances in technology and updated hardware, iPads are becoming more powerful than ever before, and having the right apps can help you get the most out of your device. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just a casual user, here are the five must-have apps you should download to unlock your device’s full potential.

1) Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the only dedicated vector graphics program from Adobe available for Apple tablets. Some people believe Photoshop for iPad lacked some major functionality when it was originally released by Adobe last year. Adobe has since released a series of upgrades, each of which included handy additions like Subject Select to bring the app closer to parity with its desktop counterpart.

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Adobe didn’t want the iPad release of the new Illustrator app to be met with the same criticism as the Photoshop app. After responding to the requests of more than 1,200 beta testers, Adobe published a feature-rich version of Illustrator for the iOS device. As a result, the iPad app can be used immediately in any creative workflow.

2) Adobe Lightroom

Professional photographers have traditionally preferred Adobe’s Lightroom for image processing. There are now two versions of the app: Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. The first is designed for serious amateur photographers as well as web professionals who want to view their photos online and use robust organization and editing features. In addition, it has many lessons, tools and an active community.

The other option, Lightroom Classic, uses the program’s conventional user interface and toolset and is aimed at active professional photographers. Most of the functionality from the previous app is already included in the current version of Adobe, making it on par with Classic. Veteran professional users will prefer to continue using Lightroom Classic as the latest Lightroom still lacks features such as local printing, tethering and plug-in compatibility. Many modern professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom as their preferred workflow and editing tool for digital images.

3) Paprika Recipe Manager

There are many culinary apps on the iPad to help you in the kitchen. One of the best options in its category, Paprika Recipe Manager provides recipe and grocery management functionality, making it a great smartphone software for avid home cooks and casual kitchen experimenters alike.

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Don’t expect video tutorials or recipe recommendations from Paprika, as it claims to be nothing more than a very well-designed recipe organizer that provides text-based cooking instructions.

This kitchen tool app is a great option for meal planning solutions because it has a premium pantry system, fully configurable recipes and lists, along with other great features. You can contribute your own unique recipes and save recipes from around the web using the app. You can also get helpful cooking instructions while offline.

4) File Maker Go

Already considered a very good stand-alone app, FileMaker Go is now regarded by desktop FileMaker Pro users as an essential mobile database software. When FileMaker Go 12 was released, it upped the ante with improved multimedia capabilities, multitasking support, and a new pricing model.

The database program’s excellent design, multiple file layouts, integrated search, digital signature capture and mapping capabilities made it a compelling offering when it was first launched. Although there are still some issues, such as the inability to create new files, FileMaker Go 12 is a database application that will help you stay productive on the go.

5) Dropbox

A reliable sync application is essential for mobile professionals as they likely have many different devices where their data is stored. With a mobile app to complement the PC version, Dropbox (free) fits that function perfectly.

Like other free file sync applications, Dropbox has an intuitive user interface that enables easy file uploads and fast account-to-account syncing. Overall, it’s a great software for mobile professionals and you can increase your cloud storage limit at a reasonable price. However, you cannot transfer files across directories using Dropbox.

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