5 industries that must increase their security position in 2023

5 industries that must increase their security position in 2023

Considering the advancements in technology this year, in 2023, the number of cyber attacks will only grow. Remote working, global digitalisation, increased use of mobile apps and people sharing data all over the internet make it easier for attackers to access and damage sensitive data. Therefore, the need for protection against attacks also increases. Stronger and more complex technologies give hackers and cyber attackers better weapons to beat us with.

Although all companies should protect their sensitive data, some industries are more complex, dangerous and intensive cyber attacks than others. As a result, these industries must use the latest and most up-to-date cybersecurity practices to guarantee data security and better protect users. The reason some industries are more vulnerable to attack is that they can offer more valuable data to the attackers.

Let’s explore 5 risk-prone industries that will require the highest level of cyber security in 2023:

Health Service

Healthcare was the first industry to experience many problems during COVID-19. However, this industry has also been able to benefit from technological advances and is therefore more vulnerable to attack. No one is surprised that healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries that holds some of the most sensitive data, making it an attractive target for hackers.

Many reports have shown that sick and elderly people are attractive targets for online fraud and theft. Attackers who can gain access to patients’ sensitive data, such as medical records or analyses, can use it to effectively manipulate healthcare organizations.

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Although cyber security is not the task of doctors and nurses, they still educate both colleagues and patients about online threats such as social engineering attacks and increase security. Therefore, companies should protect health information by using the latest and best cybersecurity practices.

Small businesses

Small businesses are the most attractive target for hackers after the healthcare sector. Although most business owners running a startup or small company believe that they are not visible or attractive to hackers, the truth is that they are the easiest target with a certain amount of information that can be damaged.

In addition, medium and small businesses usually do not have the same level of data security as the market giants. That is the main reason why they are very vulnerable to attackers and data theft. Smaller companies do not have enough money to invest in cyber security or Penetration testingwhich makes it easier for hackers to gain access to data.

When a successful attack happens to a large company, the specialists know what steps to take to regain the trust of customers and further protect data. But when that happens, a small company usually struggles with results and may not return to the market for years.


E-commerce companies retain a lot of data about customers while processing orders and shipping products. This personal user information that e-commerce companies store includes phone numbers, addresses, emails, payment data and more.

In case attackers are able to bypass the exciting security measures, they get all the sensitive data on their hands. Therefore, hackers will be able to sell this data to fraudsters, thieves and social engineers, while allowing them to manipulate information. Hackers gaining access to data can put millions of customers at high risk and destroy your business.

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The popularity of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse makes it easy for hackers to steal data and money from users’ accounts. It is not surprising that hackers love this industry since it usually operates in the millions and billions of dollars per year. Blockchain is known for its security, so not all hackers have access to data.

However, users still tend to click on dangerous links and open files that can give access to their data. When hackers get credentials for your accounts related to blockchain-based products, you have every chance of being hacked and losing your money and assets.

The security of blockchain-based products depends on the development team. However, the latest technologies are not secure enough to protect data security. As a result, OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, has been hacked several times. So protecting your users and their assets is a difficult task.


No one will be surprised that financial institutions contain valuable data for attackers. Financial organizations collect and retain data closely related to money – the main thing hackers are after.

For example, over 150 million data from US residents were stolen in the Equifax breach. While a large part of this problem was caused by the institution’s negligence, financial organizations must take proactive and mitigating measures to prevent future attacks.

Financial companies must adopt the latest cybersecurity technologies and tools, while keeping users informed, training employees, and hiring cyber experts to strengthen their security posture.


No one will be surprised that there are more and more cyber attacks today. The increased use of technology, mobile apps and remote work made it possible for hackers to steal or damage your sensitive business data. Although all companies should increase security, certain industries still have higher risks. Companies in these fields should use the latest technologies and security measures while applying the best cyber security practices.

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