5 Indie Games to Check Out on PlayStation Plus Extra

5 Indie Games to Check Out on PlayStation Plus Extra

PlayStation Plus Extra and Essential have been hugely successful. The Plus catalog contains a great mix of AAA blockbusters and indie games. While games like God Of War, Assassin’s Creed series, Ghost of Tsushima and more are widely played, players can try some other pretty cool games.

Fans are now choosing PlayStation Plus Extra to try some games they’ve never dipped their toes into before. With the ongoing sales of PlayStation Plus 3-month and 1-year subscriptions, it’s the best chance to grab your PlayStation Plus membership and play some of the best games in the catalog.

Observer: System Redux and 4 other Indie games to check out on PlayStation Plus extra

Many indie games go unnoticed due to the large number of popular releases covered. Some hidden gems in the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog are worth players’ time. Fans can explore all genres, such as puzzle, platformer, hack-and-slash and other mid-budget titles.

1) Little nightmares

Little Nightmares is an excellent horror platformer with a unique art style that is instantly captivating. Developed by Tarsier Studios, the game has garnered much praise from critics and has gained a cult following. First, players take control of Six, a nine-year-old girl who wakes up from hibernation in a bizarre world. This platformer is filled with puzzles and encounters that make players feel helpless and experience fear around every corner.

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2) Hello neighbor

Hello Neighbor is one of the most bizarre survival horror games players can explore. The vibrant color palette and cartoonish art style are just a facade. In this first-person horror game, players must investigate their mysterious neighbor. The neighbor will not be happy with the players sneaking around his house. Sneaking around itself is no walk in the park as the house is covered in traps and hidden dangers that players must navigate through.


There is nothing more dangerous than being stranded alone in space. Adr1ft takes advantage of this helplessness and delivers a first class shooter survival adventure. Players gain consciousness in the form of an astronaut amidst the debris of a destroyed space shuttle. Their mission is to survive in the oxygen-leaking EVA suit and find out what went wrong with the shuttle. There are puzzles in the game that take players through different parts of the space shuttle. They can use their jetpacks to navigate the areas separated by accident.

4) Call Of Cthulhu

Based on HP Lovecraft’s novel of the same name, Call Of Cthulhu is a psychological horror game. Players are tasked with investigating a missing person’s case, stepping into the shoes of private detective Edward Pierce. The players go to Darkwater, a whaling town that is deteriorating due to the lack of whales. The eerie atmosphere and mind-bending sequences warrant a replay, especially for fans of the Cthulhu mythos.

5) Observer: System Redux

Fans of futuristic themes and the cyberpunk genre will feel right at home in Observer: System Redux. The game has the player take control of a detective who is part of the Observers unit, a new branch of the police unit. Players can hack into people’s dreams to investigate and gather clues to the murders. The world of Observer takes place in 2084 and is ravaged by a plague called ‘Nanophage’. The dynamics of the world and the resulting suppression of corporations have left a lasting impact on the inhabitants of this cyberpunk universe.

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