5 games like Xenoblade Chronicles on Xbox

5 games like Xenoblade Chronicles on Xbox

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) set in the world of Aionios. Here, the main characters are soldiers with ten years of life, bred only for combat. The story follows these characters as they uncover the mysteries of war and the world around it.

Like many modern JRPGs, it features a battle system with AI companions that the player must control tactically to achieve victory. The game features multiple recruitable characters with unique skills, abilities and backstories. Players can also explore a vast and beautiful world with its day and night cycles.

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Five games like Xenoblade Chronicles

JRPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles are known for their long story campaigns with a large cast and interesting tactical battles. Many players love to spend hours exploring these worlds or figuring out their deep lore.

These games have their appeal anyway, and many may want to try more games that are similar. Here is a list of five games like Xenoblade Chronicles in no particular order.

1) Persona 5 Royal

The fifth installment of the Persona series stars the Joker and his band of rebels as they set out to steal hearts. This game blew the minds of many players for having an amazing story, a deep combat system and impressive aesthetics.

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The game started out as a PlayStation exclusive, but from October it’s also available on Xbox and is worth a try. No JRPG fan will be disappointed after playing this game.

2) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

The game starts with Oliver being transported to another dimension to save Alicia in hopes of saving his mother. It’s an action-adventure JRPG that has a turn-based and real-time hybrid along with monster-taming elements.

The game has fantastic graphics and an exciting story to follow. Revenant Kingdom, the sequel to Wrath of the White Witch, is also worth checking out, but it takes a departure from the first game in terms of combat style and story.

3) Tales of Arise

Like Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Arise is a narrative-focused JRPG from the long-running Tales series. However, the story is self-contained and players do not need to play the previous ones to enjoy it. The game features a slash ’em-up battle system with teammates. It also has a small but beautiful open world with varying environments and cultures.

The game starts with players controlling a character called Iron Mask. This person has no sense of pain and forms an uneasy alliance with a girl named Shionne, one who can cause pain by touch. All of this resolves into a grand adventure with a hack-and-slash combat style that revolves around dodging and countering.

4) Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI has some similarities to Xenoblade Chronicles. Both games have a large open world filled with various creatures to fight against. Players have a vast story to uncover and many characters to befriend.

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The game has been well received by both players and critics. It also received a definitive edition update that adds content to the mix. The game is available on many consoles, including Xbox.

5) Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler imitates the textbook JRPG feel like no other. It features a top-down view, masterful pixel art and turn-based combat. But it modernizes these elements by giving the classic art a picture book aesthetic.

Players can choose to start the story of one of the eight characters. After completing the stories of all eight characters, players can access the final parts of the story and complete the game.

While no two games can ever be the same, Xenoblade Chronicles has a kind of essence that other games can have. The games mentioned on this list have this essence that makes them all worth checking out. These games are available on Xbox.

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