5 Fun Ways to Unlock Your Cyber ​​Security Skills

5 Fun Ways to Unlock Your Cyber ​​Security Skills

From beginners to experienced hackers, there are many ways to brush up your skills with online games and interactive training.

While there is a talent shortage across the technology space, the cybersecurity industry in particular is in desperate need of more talent.

Cybersecurity talent can come from a variety of backgrounds because it requires problem solvers and those who can see the big picture.

For those who already have some programming, technical or cyber security skills, there are plenty of interactive games to help you brush up.

For anyone wondering if this industry might be for them and wants a primer, there are many more resources to help you dip your toe.

Previously, we looked at five interactive ways to improve your SQL skills. Now we’re looking at some fun ways to incorporate some cyber security.


Launched in 2018, TryHackMe is an online platform that helps users learn cybersecurity skills through hands-on, interactive exercises and games in a browser.

There is both a free one with limited exercises, and a subscription model for around £8 per month.

The site includes several online courses for both beginners and advanced users, as well as “hacktivities” and a more competitive “King of the Hill” game for more experienced users.

The Code Academy

For those starting their cybersecurity journey, Codecademy has two beginner cybersecurity courses and one intermediate course that users can try for free.

If you find that this might be the right path for you, the site also offers two paid tiers in the subscription model that give you access to many more interactive courses.

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It also has a “skills track” for cybersecurity basics, which provides a roadmap of curated content and welcomes beginners.

Targeted attacks

Cyber ​​security skills are not just about the technical skills and the ability to hack. It is also about solving problems, assessing risks and making decisions.

Targeted Attacks is a game created by Japanese cyber security company Trend Micro. educational simulation is designed to highlight real business requirements and cyber security challenges.

Users must follow the “choose your own adventure” model to try to make the right decisions while acting as the CIO of a global company.

It’s a great way for everyone from junior employees to senior managers to gain a full understanding of taking the right strategy to mitigate cyber security risks.


Like TryHackMe, Hack The Box is another online training platform that allows users to register for free to access many challenges designed to advance your penetration testing and cybersecurity skills. Paid options from €12 per month offer more features.

The company also has the HTB Academy, which it calls a “university for hackers” where users can learn step-by-step cybersecurity theory, and receive interactive training through a browser-based platform.

HTB Academy offers a wide range of courses for users at various levels as well as certifications designed to provide job skills in various cybersecurity roles.


Online course platform Udemy has a wide selection of free cybersecurity courses for many different users, from novice hackers and advanced professionals to those who want to refresh their cybersecurity awareness.

There are also many more in-depth and specific courses available to choose from for a fee on the platform.

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