5 best app lockers for your Android

5 best app lockers for your Android


Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam

5 Best App Lockers for Your Android – Which App Locker is Best for Android Phones? Even if your phone is already secured, it may seem unnecessary to protect confidential information, but doing so provides an extra layer of security from prying eyes and burglars. Passwords for specific apps help protect sensitive data found in banking services or other private apps.

Like an Android phone’s lock screen, App Lock works the same way. The password on your phone prevents unauthorized access. That’s exactly what an app lock accomplishes, but only for specific apps. turn off any programs you want to keep safe.

It is safe to lock Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are valuable social networking apps and a few other file applications on your Android. This is because, if your phone was lost or stolen, you probably don’t want anyone to have access to your accounts because they can contain sensitive information and private messages.

If you are looking for the best app locker for your phone, we have many options on the internet, but most of the applications do not meet your requirements, meanwhile, some of them are worth trying. If you want the best application without compromising on security, you’ve come to the right blog.

In this article, I am going to list the 5 best app lockers for your Android device that you can use right now. Without delay, let’s take a quick look at these applications.

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Top 5 App Lockers for Android

1. Norton App Lock

I researched the most convenient apps for Android devices on YouTube. I also discovered Norton App Lock in the list of other software. This program is very useful if you want to lock some of the applications you run on your smartphone, as the name suggests. Easy to use and simple with a simple user interface.

With Norton App Lock, you can pre-install the apps you don’t want your child to have access to, then choose a password or swipe pattern to hide them from prying eyes, which is the ultimate mobile security feature. It also offers an extra level of protection to protect your information in addition to ensuring children’s safety.

Norton App Lock allows users to lock Android applications with a secure password or pattern, protecting the data these applications access. If “application pinning” had been enabled on a subset of Android devices, locked applications could have been unlocked by making a specific sequence of selections on the device.

The best part is that this service is completely free, has no ads and works with any Android-powered smartphone from version 4.1.

Download Norton App Lock for Android

2. Applock – DoMobile Lab

A mobile internet business called DoMobile was established in July 2011. It wants to improve people’s lives by creating first-class games and applications. Currently, our team is considered one of the best Play Store developers. Our products, including AppLock, Family360, MixNote and Messenger, have improved the security and ease of use of mobile Internet use.

It is said that the widely used AppLock for Android app from DoMobile Ltd. is vulnerable to hackers. Having an app lock for an Android or iPhone is useful. It is appropriate for security and blocking access to your place of business.

The program also offers fingerprint support and uninstall protection, and you can lock key system functions, including Bluetooth, as well as incoming calls and app uninstalls. Both downloading and using the app are free. By allowing ads or purchasing the premium version with a donation, you can access the premium features. One of our favorites, it is a powerful app. Another best part is that the app is completely free to use.

Download Applock – Make MobileLab for Android

3. App Lock by SailingLab

One of these app locks with multiple functions in addition to protecting programs from unauthorized users is App Lock from SailingLab. In addition to the usual app lock features like PIN, fingerprint and pattern protection, this one adds a photo vault, an intruder selfie tool to catch intruders and message security, which lets you hide chat notifications from critical applications.

However, there are certain ads that you can see on the lock screen and these can be annoying at times. Simply put, App Lock by Sailing Lab can be a good choice if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that can lock your applications and also hide photos and videos on your Android device.

The app is free to use, you can try it by downloading it from Google Play.

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher, one of the best Android launchers, is an all-in-one solution to customize your home screen unlike other app launchers. The launcher with the greatest customization options can completely change the interface of the device and offers a wealth of functions and possibilities that can increase the efficiency of using the device.

Additionally, there are certain app security features, such as the ability to hide apps from the app drawer and an app lock feature with a password protection layer for added security. This and Smart Launcher 5 (mentioned below) are ideal alternatives to standalone app lock applications as it’s always a bit better if it’s built into the launcher rather than from a separate app.

You can quickly lock Facebook, Snapchat, your gallery and all other applications with a PIN or pattern using the built-in app lock. The app will eventually have fingerprint locks if your phone has the necessary hardware. Apex launcher is a respectable choice because it allows you to hide your private photos and videos.

The app is free to use, but you can also upgrade to a pro version that costs $8.99

Download Apex Launcher for Android

5. IVY App Lock

IVY AppLock is a free app lock and privacy guard that keeps kids and snoopers from messing with your settings, deleting important items, or making in-app purchases. It also hides important photos and videos by encrypting your gallery.

AppLock keeps things very simple while offering some of the most necessary features, unlike some other app locks that go overboard with functionality. Almost any program you want to protect can be locked with this software. The program offers password, pattern and PIN locking for apps. Use the app’s invisible pattern lock and randomized keyboard for added security.

In addition, the app will automatically take pictures of anyone who tries to unlock a protected app without success. In addition, the program enables disguise, allowing you to change the app icon to resemble that of the clock, weather, calculator, and other system apps.

The app is completely free to use.

Download IVY App Lock for Android

These are the 5 best app lockers that I have listed for your Android device. If you find this blog useful, please consider sharing it with your close friends who are looking for the best app lockers for their devices. Which app locker is best for Android? Feel free to try them!

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