5 amazing Nintendo Switch games still on sale

5 amazing Nintendo Switch games still on sale

Amazon always has great deals going on, but their New Year’s sale offers hundreds of new discounts that are perfect for gift cards received during the holidays. Nintendo Switch Fans in particular can find exactly what they’ve been looking for, listed at a fraction of the normal price.

Nintendo Switch games aren’t known to go on sale often, but when they do, it’s best to jump on whatever titles happen to fit with wish lists and new releases while there’s still a chance to save.


These Nintendo Switch game deals on Amazon includes some of the best titles that are quite new and popular and they offer a significant discount. The Switch games that are discounted should take quite a while to play through. Plus, accessories are always available to help out Nintendo fans.

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope first update

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the latest installment in one of the best crossover game series out there. Received with rave reviews, this project allows players to explore a huge world filled with tons of unique environments. The new game is just as cute and whimsical as the first, although the art at times is way beyond what you might expect from a game aimed at a young audience. The visual art pairs well with the detailed and often humorous writing, which continues to highlight the Rabbids’ silliness against the Mario gang’s straight-man action.

The overall story of the game is a classic good versus evil plot, with players working to stop a villain who has taken over all sorts of innocent (and not so innocent) creatures. Players must handle strategic battles, complete challenges, and solve puzzles to beat the game. Between the variety of games and the depth of the world, Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope is incredibly fun to play. And with 33% off, who could resist helping Mario and the Rabbids save the day?

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Let's Dance

The ultimate Nintendo femme fatale, the long-awaited one Bayonetta 3 was finally released in October 2022. Bayonetta is back to her old tricks in this new hack and slash game, which fans have loved so far. Bayonetta has never looked better either, with new enemies, new moves, and of course new hair. The graphics are still top notch, as is the overall design of the world, which manages to blend elements of real life with the more absurd world of witches, demons and alternate realities.

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The main story connects the trinity of reality through the threat of a dimension-hopping evil known as the Singularity, which seeks to destroy the human world while conquering both the angels and the demon realms, Paradiso and Inferno. Characters old and new come together to complete missions, remove monsters and ultimately defeat the Singularity. A great addition to the series, Bayonetta 3 is well worth the price, especially with the 12% discount!

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

kirby and the forgotten land photo standee waddle dee

A seriously beautiful game, Kirby and The Forgotten Land feels like a real overseas adventure for Kirby and his friends. This super-detailed game offers a wide variety of stages set in an advanced but fallen world that looks like something Capcom might release. The realistic background works extremely well as a juxtaposition for the cartoonish Kirby characters, who are as colorful and giddy as ever. Kirby has many of his traditional powers available to him, along with some powerful upgrades that come with stylish outfits. Then, of course, is the new mouthful mode that allows players to transform Kirby into a car, a hang glider, a soda machine, or one of many other ridiculous but useful forms.

The gameplay is pretty standard Kirby fare, with stages going through floating stars and rescuing Waddle Dees. The boss fights require a healthy serving of strategy, but are not too difficult for knowledgeable players. Kirby and The Forgotten Land delivers a surprising power with a uniquely built world, high-quality graphics and the vibrancy of Kirby himself. With 11% off for a limited time, this is the perfect opportunity to jump into Kirby’s newest adventure!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe finally lets players customize items

One of the most recognizable and fun game series from Nintendo, the steady popularity of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will come as no surprise to anyone. What’s a little surprising is the fact that this rarely discounted game is currently marked down by 8%. The base game comes with 32 courses, of which 16 are brand new. There’s also the booster course pass, which has already added 24 of the 48 new courses!

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Mario Kart 8 is just as fun as all the previous installments in the series, giving players 36 different characters to choose from and thousands of vehicle combinations. Online also works very well, connecting players quickly and allowing for a short, friendly chat in the lobby. The latest update to the game has also improved the AI, giving the game a much better balance across the different CC tiers. Players who still haven’t registered Mario Kart should jump at the chance now to grab it at a slight discount, especially since it probably won’t be marked down again anytime soon.

Just Dance 2023

Gameplay of Just Dance 2023

While most people talk about annual sports games or AAA titles like Duty callsit’s another annual game that gets people excited – Just dance. This year’s game features tons of new songs and a handful of much-needed improvements. Ubisoft finally removed the annoying pop-up subscription ads and added better categories to organize playlists with. The base game only comes with 40 songs, but these include new hits like As It Was by Harry Styles and Doja Cat’s Woman, iconic pop songs like Britney Spears’ Toxic, and more niche songs like Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six. Each song is complete with unique videos that get players in the dance mood through vibrant colors and interesting effects.

Not only does the game have super catchy songs and tons of fun visuals, but dancing through each challenge is a great way to stay active and get some exercise in your day. There are set challenges that players can try to complete, and even a loose story mode for true finishers. It might not be the most exciting game available, but for gamers who love to dance, the 50% off sale is very tempting.

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