5 Amazing Apps That Animal Lovers Can’t Miss

5 Amazing Apps That Animal Lovers Can’t Miss

  1. Little kitten – My favorite cat
  2. PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue
  3. Jackpot Party
  4. WWF together
  5. Talking Tom series

Are you a pet owner yourself or do you know someone who is? If so, you must be familiar with the lengths pet lovers will go to ensure their pets are happy.

In today’s highly stressful environment and complex relationships, pets are a breath of fresh air. They help us discover unconditional love and find unconditional love in our life.

There are several proven health and mood benefits that owning a pet can bring to your life. First, pets give you a reason to get up and exercise.

Spending time each day with your pets can lead to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In other words, pet owners tend to be healthier and happier.

Pet therapy is a concept that involves using pets to help people struggling with depression and anxiety. Bringing a pet home can make a world of difference to people struggling with loneliness.

But owning a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities, and not everyone can manage to take care of a pet. Some are also allergic to pet hair, making it impossible to bring them into the home.

Thanks to the digital world, everyone can experience the joy of owning their furry bundle of joy! Today we have many types of apps designed for animal lovers.

From interacting with pets and training pets with technology, there are apps that let you do it all. If you’re missing your pet at home, or just want to try something new, read on.

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Innovative apps for animal lovers

Here are some apps that animal lovers can use to bring their love of animals to the digital world.

1]Little Kitten – My favorite cat

This is an app that helps you instill a love of animals in little ones. This is a cute app that gives you six mini-games revolving around a cat.

The highlights:

  • Mini games that will keep you entertained for hours
  • Ideal for children who will soon have a cat in their lives

Designed for children ages 3 to 8, this game allows little ones to interact in many ways. They can make paw prints, play hide and seek and do much more.

The app allows kids to feed and care for the cat, which helps if you’re planning to get one. It is available for various Apple devices.

2]PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue

This app is designed for children aged 7+ and allows children to adopt animals in a simulated environment. The game takes place in an animal rescue center where you have different animals.

The highlights:

  • It makes children solve problems and gives them a sense of responsibility
  • You can play for free

You have people visiting the rescue center for adoption. The players take responsibility for pairing the animals with the right people.

The freemium model of the game allows players to unlock more games by paying for them. The app is available for Android, iOS and Kindle users.

3]Jackpot Party

Another interesting app for animal lovers is Jackpot Party, available on all major platforms. Jackpot Party offers many animal themed games that complement the interests of animal lovers.

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The highlights:

  • The games are completely free
  • There is a great variety of animals included in the games

It’s completely free, and you’ll find the likes of The Cheshire Cat, Jungle Life and Raging Rhino among some of the Jackpot Party slots. It’s a great app to bring your love of animals to your phone, literally!

The game gives players the opportunity to play and coordinate with players all over the world. There are many attractive bonuses available to players.

4]WWF Together

When talking about apps for animal lovers, how can you not talk about WWF? WWF Together is an app that is a treat for animal lovers and is available on Android and iOS.

The highlights:

  • Educates the user about pressing issues such as endangered species
  • There are great photos and videos included

The app provides interactive lessons on the entire list of endangered animals. It offers many interactive elements, along with video, photographs and other media.

But currently the app does not support sound. Children must read through text or watch videos.

The WWE Together app helps people of all ages learn interesting facts about animals. It can be a one-stop solution for everything you want to know about endangered life on the planet.

5]Talking Tom series

The Talking Tom series is one of the most popular and iconic virtual pet games ever. The original game still enjoys immense popularity even today.

The highlights:

  • Children can grasp what is expected of a pet owner
  • Its long-term success is down to how engaging it is
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The game series allows animal lovers to care for their favorite pet in a simulated environment. The game is available for Android users and is a classic delight.

There are quite a few great apps and games for animal lovers available today. Whether you love virtual pet apps or slots, there is a game for you to try.

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