4 new social media features you need to know about this week

4 new social media features you need to know about this week

Updates in social media

Welcome to our latest social media features update of 2022. The social media gods have blessed us with a quieter week, offering mostly tips and advice to ease us into the year ahead.

One caveat: We don’t include new updates from Twitter. There are no feature updates per se, just lots of introductions of new rules only to quickly withdraw them. Whatever we write here will likely have changed by the time it is published. So just be aware that the site remains in chaos.


IG is launching new tools to help with account security and to help regain access to an account that has been hacked. Instagram.com/hacked will be a one-stop-shop for anyone who has lost access to their account, either from forgetting a password, losing access to two-factor authentication, or being properly hacked.

The app also tests alerts if an account suspected—but not proven—of impersonation interacts with you in a variety of ways, from following you to sending you a DM.

Finally, in a marked difference from Twitter, Instagram places a deeper emphasis on verification, displaying the classic blue badge in several places, including in Stories and DMs.


This could be big: TikTok is testing horizontal video. The site has long only supported vertical video — the natural holding position for a mobile phone — but Social Media Today reports that they’re looking to go wide.

This is still in testing mode, so who knows if or when it will be available to everyone. However, it is worth starting to think about how this can be part of your strategy going forward. Think more cinema-style videos that feel like movies rather than the more authentic realism vertical video often provides.

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TikTok also published a “What’s Next” report to help you plan for the year ahead. Among the trends it expects to be big on this, the trendiest apps, are:

  • Active Entertainment: “This means that when advertising messages are delivered as an ad but loved as entertainment, brands can see incredible business results.”
  • Making room for joy: “Whether it’s the growth of meme culture — providing a language for people to bond over humor; people sharing wellness “life hacks” – everyday strategies that empower people to make space for themselves when they need it; or a creator who highlights how they reward themselves at all budget levels, people dedicate space and time to enjoyment in the way that suits them best.”
  • Community-built ideals: “TikTok is 1.8 times more likely to introduce people to new topics they didn’t know they liked compared to traditional social platforms (And when people are looking for ways to break the status quo, they’ll look to peers and role models who shows the confidence to live life that way thewant.”

Read the full report here.


Reddit is often overlooked as part of social media strategies. It is a decentralized, often persnickety group of communities that can take time and patience to crack. But the app is actively courting businesses, including launching its new Reddit for Business page.

As the site points out:

  • Half a billion people visit Reddit every month
  • 90% of users trust Reddit to learn about new products and brands

Of course, Reddit wants you to buy advertising. But these insights can also help you launch (or refine) an organic website strategy in the coming year.

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