2023 MG Hector Facelift: A Close Look

2023 MG Hector Facelift: A Close Look

Hector gets level 2 ADAS with 11 functions. MG has collaborated with Bosch to develop this system.


MG’s first product in the Indian market was the Hector SUV. Since its launch in 2019, there has been a facelift in 2021 with some feature additions and cosmetic changes. And as we enter 2023, MG has updated the SUV once again. First of all, this is not a completely new generation Hector – it still uses the same platform and has the same powertrain options. You have options for 2.0L diesel, 1.5L turbo petrol and 1.5L mild hybrid engine. There is a 174 BHP, 2.0L hybrid powertrain on offer in Indonesia, but we don’t know if it will come to India or not.

For now, let’s focus on the 2023 model. MG has made some cosmetic changes to the exterior and interior. There is a new Dune Brown paint shade added to the existing palette of 6 colors. MG has also added a few features to the already long feature list to stay ahead. First, it now gets Level 2 ADAS with 11 functions. MG has collaborated with Bosch to develop this system for Hector. There is one radar sensor in the front. ADAS features include adaptive cruise control (ACC), curve cruise assist (reduce speed when navigating a bend while ACC is on), lane departure warning, lane keep assist, traffic jam assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, hydraulic brake assist, pedestrian emergency braking and intelligent headlight control. Note that the ADAS features will be exclusive to automatic variants of the petrol version. More details will be revealed at the launch of the car.

Another novelty is the automatic cornering lights, which are very self-explanatory – the car’s indicators light up as soon as you turn the wheels over a certain angle at low speeds. Hector also gets the Bluetooth-enabled, sharable digital key feature from Astor. This feature allows your two phones to be digital keys, and you don’t need a physical key to drive the car. You can just use your phone to unlock the car and drive off. Similarly, the car locks / locks when you approach / leave the vehicle.

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On the inside, the dashboard design has been refined and now has many more straight lines. The cabin now has a massive 14-inch touchscreen infotainment system. As before, it is in portrait orientation, but the user interface has been updated considerably. The menus and sub-menus are well organized and, in general, the touch screen is good to use. This is a far better system than before and a big step up. It’s quick to respond and doesn’t feel sluggish. MG has also updated the i-SMART hub by partnering with new apps and integrating them into the infotainment system. MapMyIndia, which is one of the apps, has also updated its user interface and now has a system called location sharing discover app. Essentially, this allows you to be the lead car when traveling with multiple cars in a group. You can ask your friends to download the app and their location will be displayed on Hector’s navigation system. Pretty cool if you like group travel. Another update is that MapMyIndia voice guidance is now available in 5 languages ​​– English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi and Marathi. There are also 75+ connected car features in the new Hector (the outgoing car had 60 features).

So, what’s new on the outside?

The biggest change has been in the front. The face has been redesigned with a new grill and bumper:

Argyle (diamond shape) inspired front grill gets a mix of chrome and piano black edging. The placement of the headlamps and DRLs remains the same, but the headlamp housing is now finished in piano black. Air dam now gets a chrome edge instead of brushed silver:

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18-inch dual-tone machined alloy wheels have been carried forward. They are shod with 215/55 tires and look good:

Subtle changes have been made to the rear. The ‘MG’ logo is smaller and a chrome strip runs either side of it and below the twin LED taillights. Rear lights are of an LED strip. You also get “HECTO R” lettering at the bottom of the tailgate and an ADAS badge on the right:

The rear bumper has been redesigned and gets dual fake exhausts. There’s also a faux skid plate-like integration with a chrome trim. As with the outgoing car, the spare wheel is located under the car:

New ‘Dune Brown’ shade:

[CENTER][h2]So, what’s new on the inside?[/h2][/CENTER]

MG has updated the interior quite a bit and you have this new dashboard design. It’s much slimmer compared to the outgoing car and you have more horizontal elements now. You also have a massive 14-inch touchscreen that takes center stage. All A/C valves also get a new design with horizontal orientation:

The steering wheel is carried over from the outgoing car. The only change is that the switches for ADAS functions have been added to the left spoke:

Door pads now get a black and beige theme which looks quite nice. Speakers also have a silver lining:

The seats are now draped with beige covers. The driver’s seat gets 6-way electric adjustment, while the passenger seat gets 4-way electric adjustment:

New squarish start/stop button design looks great:

Big talk about the cabin is a 14-inch infotainment system with a touch screen. It now runs updated software and the user interface has also changed:

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The 360-degree camera screen has also been updated, and now the clarity is much better than the outgoing car:

Tons of options and screens that you can navigate through such as TPMS, ambient light, window settings, headlight options, wireless charging options, etc. An interesting addition to the sunroof options is that you can operate it through the touch screen. You can also gradually open it in 10% increments as needed with the touchscreen slider:

Below the touchscreen is a wireless charger that also has a USB port:

New gear lever design looks nice and elegant. There is an arrow-like detail on the piano black gear console. There’s a silver “Eco” button in the top right corner:

Seat ventilation switches are neatly integrated into the center console. You also have traction control and A/C max switches here:

As before, the automatic variant gets an electronic parking brake together with an autohold function. Parking sensor button is located at the back along with a few dummy buttons. There are two cup holders with a sliding cover:

You can now push the driver’s armrest forward, and there is also a small storage space below:

Panoramic sunroof lets in a lot of light:

A look at the beige cover on the rear seats:

Rear AC vents get the same design as the front units:

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