20 tips and tricks! – Phandroid

20 tips and tricks!  – Phandroid

Google’s Pixels The 7 and & Pro are two of the latest Android devices on the smartphone market, and if you’ve finally gotten your hands on one, then congratulations on your purchase. If you’re new to Google Pixel phones, you might be looking for ways to get the most out of your Pixel, beyond the usual set of apps you use it for.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of things you should check out on the Pixel 7 to get the most out of its many useful features. It really is “smart” when it comes to smartphones, and we hope this guide allows you to get the most out of your device. Let’s get started!

Look for updates

Pixel phones are known for getting regular software and security updates, which usually arrive within the first week of every month. With that said, you want to keep your Pixel 7 up to date and you can easily check for an update by going to Settings > System > System Update > Check for Update.

Change your background instantly

If you tend to change your wallpaper very often, the Pixel offers a quick way to do this. Just go to the home screen, Tap and hold > Background and style where you’ll find your latest wallpapers displayed in thumbnail format – a quick tap lets you easily change your wallpaper.

Use dark mode

If you’re in the mood for a darker interface on your phone, you can set it to stay in dark mode. Go to your home screen, Tap and hold > Background and style to access the Dark Theme toggle so your entire phone will display a darker background when you use it. You can also do this by swiping down from the top of the screen to access the dark mode switch.

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Explore the search field

If there are apps or settings you want to search for immediately, you can quickly look for them using the search bar on Pixel 7. From the Home screen, Swipe up to open the app drawer > Tap the search field where you can then enter your search term. This can be anything from an app, to certain settings and options, and in case the item is not available on your phone, it will give you the option to search online via Google or the Play Store.

Use the voice assistant

One of the best features of Android that is also available on the Pixel 7 is the Google Assistant app, which is a handy tool for setting appointments, reminders and even basic internet searches. You need to download it from the Play Store to set it up, and once it’s on your phone you can activate it by tap the assistant icon on the home screen, or just say “Hey, Google.”

Use voice typing

Google’s Pixel phones come with Assistant Voice Typing, which is faster and more accurate than the standard voice typing tool in most Android phones. You can easily access this on Pixel by Type in an empty text field > Tap the microphone icon in the right corner of the keyboard, which should then light up to let you know it’s ready to transcribe your speech into text.

Customize your navigation method

With the Pixel 7, you can choose navigation input between buttons and gestures, which means less tapping and more swiping on the phone’s screen to switch between apps and multitask, too. To change the navigation method, just enter Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation to choose between buttons and gestures.

Use quick tap gestures

The Pixel 7 lets you open apps or perform specific actions with the Quick Tap feature. To use this, just enter Settings > System > Gestures > Quick tap to initiate actionswhich allows you to select a specific app or action when you tap the back of the phone.

Take screenshots without pressing any buttons

Usually, most Android phones will require you to press a combination of buttons to take a screenshot. With the Pixel 7, you can easily take a screenshot swipe up/press “Square” to access the multitasking menu and then press Screenshot to save a snapshot of whatever app you’re currently using.

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Turn off ALL your notifications

While we all use our smartphones for communication, there are times when you might want to take a break from the constant beeping and buzzing of apps and notifications, in which case you’ll want to enable the Pixel 7’s Do Not Disturb mode. You can quickly do this by Swipe from the top of the screen > Tap Do Not Disturb to silence all incoming calls and notifications. If you hold the button, you get more options to schedule it.

Use extreme battery saving

If your battery is in a pinch but you don’t have access to a charger, try Extreme Battery Saver to save the remaining power. Open Settings > Battery > Battery saver > Extreme battery saverwhich then allows your phone to use only a handful of essential apps, reducing battery consumption.

Change the screen refresh rate

Another way to save battery life is to change the Pixel’s refresh rate. To do this, just go to Settings > Display > Smooth screen where you’ll find an option to turn off the 90Hz refresh rate. However, keep in mind that this will result in a less smooth scrolling motion when using the phone.

Keep it secure with Fingerprint Unlock

You can keep your Pixel 7 secure by using your fingerprint, which can be easily registered in your phone’s settings menu. Just go to Settings > Security > Unlock face and fingerprint > Unlock with fingerprint to request the fingerprint enrollment process. You can add up to five fingerprints, which makes things a little more convenient when handling the phone.

Keep it safe with face lock

If you want a slightly faster way to unlock your phone, you can also use Face Unlock to unlock your Pixel 7. Head over to Settings > Security > Unlock face and fingerprint > Face unlock to set up your face model for the phone. However, note that you can only save one face model, which can only be used to unlock the screen.

Change language in some apps

With Android 13 on the Pixel 7, there is now an option to set certain apps to a specific language, which should be useful for multilingual users. You can access this by entering Settings > System > Language and input > App languageand then select the specific apps you want to use with this feature.

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Customize your lock screen options

You can also change the way the lock screen looks on the Pixel 7 by going into Settings > Display > Lock screen > Dual line clock to change the appearance of the clock display on the lock screen. For smart home controls you can also go to Settings > Display > Lock screen > Control from locked device to access your smart devices without completely unlocking your phone.

Use the Magic Eraser

The Pixel 7 takes great photos, but in case someone accidentally (or intentionally) photobombs your photo, you can always erase them thanks to the Magic Eraser tool. Just tap your photo in Photos app > Edit > Tools > Magic Eraser, and you should then see suggestions with an option to delete all photobombers. You can also choose your own specific targets to delete, which also works on non-human subjects.

Use Google Lens

A cool feature that you can use with the Pixel 7’s camera is Google Lens, which lets you use photos to search for information online. Just open yours Camera > Mode > Lens to use the shutter button to take pictures and activate the search function.

Use cinematic video

A new feature that Google has introduced with the Pixel 7 series is Cinematic mode, which adds a background blur effect and 24-frame recording to videos. You can easily use this by opening your Camera > Kinematic to shoot movie-style videos.

See Android 13 Easter Eggs

Finally, Android 13 comes with a new “Easter Egg” animation that you can see on the Pixel 7. Just go into Settings > About phone > Android version and tap the Android version number several times until a clock appears on the screen. If you set the hands to 13:00 (or 13:00 if you’re using a 24-hour format), you’ll be presented with a nice little animation sequence, and you can even change the appearance of the icons by pressing and holding them .

We hope these quick tips helped you set up your phone and access some of its important features. If you want to learn more about Google’s other Pixel phones, we recommend that you also take a look at our other articles.

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