12 survival games to look forward to in 2023

12 survival games to look forward to in 2023

Cut down a tree, grab a rock, collect what the plant fiber is, and quickly float together an axe. 2023 looks set to be a pretty strong year for new survival games, and you’ll need something sharp to hack your way through them.

The year ahead looks like a promising year for the survival genre, and that’s good news for fans because 2022 was a bit disappointing when it came to new survival games. There were a few gems scattered throughout the year, especially in Early Access, like the vampire survival game V Rising (opens in a new tab)colony builder Stranded: Alien Dawn (opens in a new tab)and survival city builder Farthest Frontier (opens in a new tab). And Dwarf Fortress (opens in a new tab)The Steam release finally closed out the year.

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