10 Video Game Characters That Should Probably Stay Away From TikTok

10 Video Game Characters That Should Probably Stay Away From TikTok

TikTok has many entertaining content creators, ranging from funny videos and great singing performances to excellent tips. Still, it’s like any social media platform, where people overshare or just post content that no one wants to see.

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If certain infamous video game characters were to download the app, we might regret that Tik Tok even exists. We’re not saying these choices are necessarily annoying, but we can do without them popping up on our phones when we’re looking for cute kitties having fun.


10/10 Dr. Breen (Half-Life 2)

Dr Breen HalfLife 2

After humanity is soundly defeated by the Combine in Half-Life 2, Breen sits on large video monitors around City 17 to speak to the population. We can’t imagine how insufferable this villain would be on TikTok, releasing videos about how the Combine knows what’s best for us, what a menace Gordon Freeman is to society, and probably a dance video or two.

Judging by how long Breen’s video messages are in Half-Life 2, we can only imagine how long his TikTok videos would be as he drones on and on. Thank goodness TikTok wasn’t around when this classic sequel was released!

9/10 Codsworth (Fallout 4)

Codsworth Fallout 4

We sure like robots getting complacent with survivors of nuclear war. Codsworth is the robot butler companion we thought we’d want in Fallout 4 — but after the 40th TikTok video of him making yet another bad joke, we’d probably just be hoping for the bombs to drop again.

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Many consider him to be one of the most annoying companions in a video game, so we can only imagine the drivel he might have to say on social media if it existed in the wasteland.

8/10 Slippy (Star Fox Series)

Slippy Starfox

We can only imagine what Slippy would do on TikTok since it feels like every waking moment of Star Fox 64 Slippy is about to get blown up. Most of his videos on social media apps will probably be him asking for help. Maybe he’d start a Patreon to pay for all the damage his Arwing takes?

Instead of asking Star Fox to cover his tail, he’s probably one of those content creators who is always asking for money and fans to send them free stuff. Maybe go to flight school first before turning to TikTok, Slippy.

7/10 Arcturus Mengsk (StarCraft)

Arcturus Mengsk Starcraft 2

As Emperor of the Terran Dominion, Mengsk would probably spend his time spreading propaganda on TikTok if he had a channel. What’s worse, as evident in StarCraft 2, this guy has a very nasty habit of having poor security and will probably end up getting hacked.

As evidenced by his fate in StarCraft 2, the revolutionary with a southern drawl should probably stop making enemies of really powerful people. Maybe he should just stick to StarCraft briefing rooms instead of TikTok in the future.

6/10 Carth Onasi (Knights Of The Old Republic)

Carth Onasi Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Sure, Knights of the Old Republic is an awesome older game, but you know what isn’t awesome? The sad look Carth Onasi keeps getting while trying to escape the Sith. If this is how he is during a dangerous situation, can you imagine what he would be like if he had idle TikTok time? Onasi doesn’t trust the main character even when you play them as a generally good guy.

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If Onasi is that paranoid, we can only imagine the conspiracy theories he would come up with in TikTok videos. We don’t need your passive aggressiveness, Carth! We just need the sharp aim of your weapon as you grind through a sewer level!

Navi Zelda Ocarina of Time

There are some TikTok videos that make you cringe, but do you know what makes you cringe the most? The fairy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time follows Link around and says “Hey! Hi! Listen! Hi! Watch out!” all the time.

Even the creator of Zelda doesn’t like Navi. We imagine she wouldn’t have many followers and would probably have to switch to Instagram Reels or something after everyone blocked her. Maybe she could go and hang out with the paper clip from Microsoft Word.

4/10 Deckard Cain (Diablo series)

Deckard Cain Diablo 3

We think Cain likes hearing himself talk in the Diablo series. We’re not sure if this horrid magician can stick to the TikTok video length limits while ranting about the battle between heaven and hell.

Sure, Kain can identify the odd short sword for you, but will you stay a while and listen? No, you’re always on your way to the next mission. Why the hell would you want to listen to him on your phone? Maybe it’s a good thing that Tristram doesn’t get a mobile signal anymore.

3/10 Doom Slayer (Doom)

DoomGuy Doom Eternal

Usually during TikTok videos, people have something to say. The Doom Slayer doesn’t speak at all, which ensures that practically every video he makes can be put on mute. We assume he could take videos of all his matches?

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In reality, the Community Guidelines may remove these, as they are likely to violate some of the Terms of Service. Maybe he could do gun reviews, but let’s be honest, not many people can afford a BFG.

2/10 Simon Belmont (Castlevania)

Simon Belmont Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

When most people log on to TikTok, they do so after a long, hard day at work. Guess who they don’t want to see? Castlevania’s Simon Belmont.

This is because he has a nightly curse from Dracula, and is forced to live the rest of his life punching walls for meat. He would be too busy fighting the stronger enemies in the evening, instead of putting together a well-produced video for the masses to enjoy.

1/10 Nazeem (Skyrim)

Nazeem Skyrim Sky District

All this guy would do on TikTok is ask if people come to the Cloud District often. Nazeem is the guy who got a blue check on Twitter by paying for it.

Nazeem is annoying enough when he looks down on Dragonborn, so you can only imagine what a completely different ballgame it would be when he tries to look down on social media. This guy would probably start a #clouddistrict hashtag, and be the only one using it.

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