10 Things to Do in Horizon Forbidden West Most Players Never Discover

10 Things to Do in Horizon Forbidden West Most Players Never Discover

With Horizon Forbidden West celebrated its first anniversary in February 2023, players have begun cracking some of the gameplay elements that many players didn’t know existed. While the acclaimed open-world action-adventure game provides many guidelines for Aloy to conquer mechanical monsters and human enemies, there are many aspects that often remain undiscovered during the first few playthroughs, compromising their overall success.

Fortunately, those who have hit a roadblock Horizon Forbidden West will greatly benefit from using the most obscure hacks, tips and tricks that many players often don’t notice.


Choose a time of day

Aloy chooses the time of day in Horizon Forbidden West

Unlike its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawnplayers can change the time of day of their choice The Forbidden West, a feature that comes in handy when working with playback at night with low visibility. There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to decipher the environment and find enemy locations, so using the little-known feature is sure to help players of all stripes.

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To choose a specific time of day, a player must find the Shelter. Once the shelter is found, sit on the stump opposite the campfire and an option will appear, allowing players to choose morning, afternoon, or evening. Players can do this at any point during the game, making daytime navigation much easier.

Fast travel

Aloy gains access to the Fast Travel option in Horizon Forbidden West

Many players spend hours before discovering the new-fangled Fast Travel option in the 2022 western-themed RPG, arguably the most beneficial hidden tool the game has to offer. Horizon Zero Dawn had a Fast Travel option but required creating packages to do so. Forbidden West has added an option to the crafting requirement and allows players to fast travel whenever they want wherever they want, saving huge amounts of time and energy allowing players to optimize their playthrough.

To Fast Travel for free, players must find a campfire, shelter or settlement and activate the option from there, which gives them the ability to go anywhere on the map instantly. What’s great is how players can now travel to The Base, as well as various hunting grounds, ruins, salvage yards, etc., which was not possible in its predecessor and gives players a lot of leeway to freely traverse the map.

Quick change

The Quick Swap menu option is seen in Horizon Forbidden West

When fighting enemies in such a stressful open-world video game, it’s easy to stay focused on the objective at all times and continue to use the default weapon at a player’s disposal. As such, many players fail to realize that they can use the Quick Swap option to swap between the last two weapons obtained in Aloy’s arsenal. However, players should use this tool as it provides versatile options for defeating various enemies, especially when taking on large enemy groups at once.

The Quick Change option is turned off by default, which means players must actively go into the control settings and turn it on. Once you’ve done that, players will have a much easier time mounting deadly combo attacks on enemies, which is crucial to defeating them and looting their collectibles.

Avoid bad weather

Aloy watches rainy weather in Horizon Forbidden West

Like playing at night, traversing the sprawling open-world map in the rain is no fun. Forbidden West. Fortunately, players can bypass torrential downpours by activating an option most players never discover. To avoid bad weather, players must save their place, exit and reload the game. Rainy days and snowy nights will quickly turn to bright sunny days and clear skies once this is complete.

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A simple, effective, but often overlooked hack, that changes the weather to better conditions in Forbidden West is ideal for maintaining visibility, hunting more efficiently, sniping more accurately and getting through the game much faster. However, it’s also important to note that if a particular mission is built around a specific weather pattern or event, the trick won’t work. But for all other cases, changing the weather is truly a gift.

Call for assemblies

Aloy whistles for a mountain in Horizon Forbidden West

IN Zero Dawn, players could only summon an overridden Mount by unlocking an ability. This has led many Forbidden West players who don’t realize that a new convenient way to win a Mount is available in the popular open-world 2022 game. Players can use Mount Whistle from Hunter’s Tools and instantly summon a Mount.

To access Mount Whistle, players must open the Hunter’s Toolkit and press up on the D-pad. Instead of waiting to unlock the required ability like before, using the Mount Whistle is another time-saving mini-miracle that most people never discover in the game. Also, most players fail to realize that summoning an off-screen mount will teleport 20 meters before it charges at them, which is much faster than an on-screen mount manually sauntering towards a player.

Motion Aiming

For those with debilitating accuracy issues in the acclaimed video game sequel, enabling the little-known Motion Aiming option can provide a serious boost. Buried deep in the General Settings menu, players can enable the Motion Aiming option, which is turned off by default, as a way to use the PlayStation controller’s Gyro capabilities, which have become popular in Fortnite, Modern Warfare 2and others.

Although it can take a while to master, using the Motion Aiming option in Forbidden West will increase a player’s accuracy at close and long range, which is useful for sniping, taking down large groups of enemies at close range, and fine-tuning targets using of immersive motion sensors. Those who find the option swear by its effectiveness, making it another ideal option most players rarely uncover.

Skip through the dialogue

Aloy talks to a character in Horizon Forbidden West

While certain cutscenes and dialogue exchanges are crucial to the plot, there’s nothing worse than slowing down a playthrough by listening to a long, rambling speech that has no bearing on the story. Fortunately, there is a way to speed up the process that often goes unnoticed by experts and novices alike.

By pressing X during a cutscene, players can skip through a few seconds of dialogue and speed up playthrough. However, it’s important to remember that X is also the button for selecting a dialogue option, so it’s important to avoid using the left stick when trying to skip speeches.

Zoom in using an arc

Aloy aims an arrow in Horizon Forbidden West

To detect hidden enemies and objects, using camera zoom is extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, most players never realize that Aloy can vastly improve her vision by using her bow to zoom in on whatever she needs to examine more closely. Players must draw the bow by pressing L2 and pressing R3 (down on the analog stick), which will activate the concentration function and allow Aloy to zoom in for a much clearer view.

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Aside from giving Aloy a much better view for finding objects and aiming at targets, the Zoom-in feature doesn’t break an arrow, allowing Aloy to keep her ammo in the process. Speaking of which, players can also save ammo by hitting L2 after aiming an arrow, which will immediately cancel the shot without wasting valuable resources.

Highlight data points using focus

A pink data point is focused on in Horizon Forbidden West

For such a massive open world map, finding different data points in the game can be a real pain. Whatever the area, Aloy will encounter areas with various objects of interest that are impossible to spot with the naked eye. Players often fail to realize that using Aloy’s Focus will instantly mark the data points with glowing pink icons that make life much easier.

Many players also overlook the useful Audio Datapoint feature, which can be accessed with Aloy’s Focus by pressing Triangle. This allows Aloy to listen to the audio data point during the playthrough instead of reading it from a menu, and even allows Aloy to comment on the gameplay afterward. Aside from the added depth, being able to quickly spot the pink data points will save enormous time and effort.

Missable Silver Trophy

Aloy battles Specter Prime in Horizon Forbidden West

When you collect trophies Forbidden West, many players overlook the missing Silver Trophy called All Machine Types Scanned. The reason most people miss the trophy is because of the little known requirement to scan Specter and Specter Prime before fighting them during the “Singularity” mission and rescan them after defeating them.

The Quasi bug is something many have called to be fixed in DLC upgrades (per Play Rant), which may be addressed in the recently announced Horizon Burning Shores DLC. Whether it’s fixed or not, most players never know how to obtain the All Machines Scanned Silver Trophy, which robs them of all reward benefits.

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