10 Supernatural Characters to Make in D&D (and How to Build Them)

10 Supernatural Characters to Make in D&D (and How to Build Them)

Everyone loves Supernatural to the present day, and the release of the prequel series, The Winchesters, last October has revived the fandom. Of course, the reception of that show is polarizing in itself, but the main thing is that Supernatural the fans are back in full force.

Some of the nerdier fans might even want to translate their favorite characters into the world Caves and dragons as a way to celebrate the incoming fans. With how deeply steeped in fantasy the series is, fans may be wondering how to make these builds viable in the game.


Crowley – Fiend Warlock 14/Eloquence Bard 6

Crowley sits down in Supernatural

Crowley is an eloquent devil, predisposed to make deals with people with his silver tongue and demonic powers. Eventually, his powers and charisma earned him the position of King of Hell, so it’s no shock that this multiclass works perfectly for him. His Warlock Pact would be to Lilith and he would be a Tiefling.

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For combat, of course, he would use hell-themed spells like Burning Hands, Wall of Fire, and Hellish Rebuke. For the deals, Eloquence Bard’s class ability would be a necessity, as Crowley is known for his Silver Tongue (which happens to be a class feature that makes deals with other characters easier).

Castiel – Zealot Barbarian 14/Champion Fighter 6

Castiel talks to Dean and Benny in Supernatural

Castiel, God’s temperamental angelic warrior (sometimes) is one of the most dangerous combatants in the entire franchise. Of course, the full extent of Castiel’s powers are limited when he is in the body of a human, but his skill in close combat is what makes him such an effective warrior. No feats for Castiel, just take ASIs as this suits his simple nature.

The Zealot Barbarian traits allow him to display the absurd longevity of the character in the series. However, he’s not just raw. His thoughts on warfare and fighting are reflected by the Champion Fighter features, which usually only make him more versatile and hit harder in battle. He would be an Aasimar to reflect his divinity, like all his brothers.

Gabriel – Echo Knight 3/Trickery Cleric 17

Gabriel in Supernatural

Gabriel may be the youngest of the archangels, but he is no less powerful. Gabriel is a trickster, who often creates illusions of himself in battle. He’s known as the Trickster, so there’s no better class than the Tricky Cleric, whose entire gimmick is creating illusions.

His penchant for using illusions and mirages fits very well with the Echo Knight archetype as well, giving him an edge in combat. All the other Fighter features are just the bread-and-butter combat abilities Archangels usually get. The focus should be on the cleric’s spellcasting, as spells like Mirror Image and Blur are very appropriate with Gabriel’s ability to manipulate.

Rowena – Abjuration Wizard 20

Rowena is watching something in Supernatural.

Rowena is Crowley’s witch mother, both literally and figuratively. Unlike many of the spellcasters in the series who can thank divine (or demonic) heritage for their powers, Rowena takes the time to learn it herself. With how many supernatural creatures she deals with on a daily basis, it only makes sense that her specialty revolves around Abjuration.

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Abjuration is based on the use of wards to protect oneself (and others) from harm. Rowena is quite obsessed with not dying. Most wizards won’t be caught dead without the component bag, which is essentially the same as Rowena’s many hex pouches. A good feat for her would be Metamagic Adept, to reflect her quick adaptability on the battlefield for spellcasting. Variant Human is her race, for the free feat and to reflect her witch heritage.

Benny – Way of the Long Death Monk 20

Benny in Supernatural forest

Benny is an ancient vampire who has died so many times that he has mastered the cycle of life and death. Whether on Earth or in the afterlife, his long life has made him a master of hand-to-hand combat. A suitable race for Benny would be the Shadar-Kai, as they are elves sworn to the Dark Raven Queen, who exist in a constant state of unlife.

Touch of Death is easily converted to Bite of Death, where Benny bites into the flesh of a dying creature to absorb its vitality. Hour of Reaping allows him to frighten the weak-willed, and Mastery of Death allows him to avoid death as long as he has ki points. The rest of the Monk features like Evasion, Diamond Soul, and Freedom From Old Age are lightly flavored as vampiric abilities.

Bobby – Gloomstalker Ranger 20

Bobby Singer looks serious on Supernatural

Bobby Singer is the father figure to the Winchester brothers and is himself a longtime hunter. His vast experience has made him a master at facing the dark horrors of the profession. In the alternate timeline where he leads the tough team of survivors on a post-apocalyptic Earth, it is clear that he is a master of guerilla warfare.

Gloomstalker Rangers excel at surprising opponents with Dread Ambusher and Stalker’s Flurry. Iron Mind represents Bobby’s impressive willpower against the dark forces attacking his mind. His favorite enemy would be pretty much up to the player, and it still wouldn’t be out of character due to Benny’s genius knowledge of supernatural beasts.

Garth – Beast Barbarian 18/Ranger 2

Garth Fitzgerald IV wears a cap in Supernatural

Garth was a so-so hunter, but he was still competent enough at his job to take down a few monsters, albeit with constant damage. Unfortunately for him, such an injury was a werewolf bite, and this turned him into a werewolf. Although he first tried to take his own life, he has since learned to control his rage and powers to be a force for good.

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The 2 Ranger levels reflect his general competence as a hunter. The real meat is in Beast Barbarian, where Rage essentially tastes after he turns into a werewolf. Beast Barbarians are DPS beasts, which makes perfect sense for a werewolf. Infectious rage can also be tasted when Garth spreads the werewolf’s curse.

Charlie – Thief Rogue 20

Charlie sits in front of a computer in Supernatural.

Charlie was one of the highlights of the later seasons of Supernatural to many fans, and it’s all thanks to her edgy personality and incredible intellect. It was Charlie’s hacking skills that got the attention of both the Winchesters and much more sinister people to target her. Unless it’s Eberron, there aren’t a lot of electronics to “hack” into Caves and dragons.

However, hacking is code breaking, and she is so good at this that even the highly intelligent Rowena was shocked when she managed to break a cipher that she could not. Thief Rogues gain the ability to quickly work their hands to use items, use magical devices not meant for them, and have a good ear for danger. The Linguist Feat is a must here as it enables Charlie to be a true expert at code breaking.

Sam – Paladin 2/Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer 18

Sam looks scared in a bunker on Supernatural

Sam Winchester, unlike his brother Dean, prefers to use magic spells to supplement his monster hunting abilities. Of course, his adaptation to said spells is thanks to being a special child, having been fed the blood of Azazel against his will. In this case, a Draconic Bloodline can easily be converted into Demonic Ancestry.

After all, inhuman powers and fiery magic aren’t exactly limited to Dragons. In addition, wizards are also basically “special children” in the world of Caves and dragons. Sam can also beat increasingly powerful demons with just one touch, and that’s the importance of the two Paladin levels. The rest of his kit is easily replicated by the wizard list.

Dean – Hexblade Warlock 1/Vengeance Paladin 19

Dean Winchester on Supernatural

Dean was more likely to play Caves and dragons than his brother Sam, mainly because his intellect is better suited to hitting things. Dean himself is an emotional and often vindictive fighter, stubborn in his pursuit of monsters. While it’s easy to build him as a full Vengeance Paladin, a fun build could be when he was marked by Kain.

The Hexblade is the obvious choice, and Dean finds himself bound to The First Blade, the weapon that killed Abel. This blade granted the user unnatural power, as long as said power was used for considerate killing, which the Hexblade excels at. The Vengeance Paladin’s features are perfectly suited to this stubborn playstyle, making it nearly impossible to escape for anyone in Dean’s path.

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