10 great video game romances no one saw coming

10 great video game romances no one saw coming

While romance is not new to games, newer games are adding relationships that have deeper meanings behind them. Video games are capable of immersing the player in the story, which is often packed with adventure and sometimes a certain love interest.

Seeing fictional characters fall in love in real time gives them an added sense of accomplishment. Often, romantic gestures to create a spark can include constantly talking to the character as in Stardew Valleyor it’s just meant to be in the game as The last of us. Otherwise, there are out-of-the-blue romance options that completely capture the player.


Gray Warden and Morrigan

Dragon Age: Origins

Gray Warden and Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins

IN Dragon Age: Origins the player can romance Leliana, Zevran, or Morrigan. Morrigan is the hardest to romance as she is set in her ways. Growing up isolated, Morrigan did not understand love and had trouble with the idea of ​​romantic gestures. She often doesn’t want love, which makes it interesting when trying to romance her.

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At first, Morrigan is bored by the idea of ​​starting a romance with the Warden, but once you gain her approval, it leads to more than just friendship. She’s never really been in love before, so the feeling of needing someone else scares her. She values ​​her independence and power, which requires her partner to do so. Many players believe the difficulty of winning her heart is well worth it, even if it takes time.

Ellie and Riley

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Ellie and Riley cry together in The Last of Us

IN The last of us, the story follows Ellie and Joel as they travel across the United States. With Left behind DLC, the player gets a glimpse into Ellie’s past when she lived a normal zombie-infested life with her best friend, Riley. At first they were the best of friends until they both realized they had feelings for each other.

There are flashbacks to Ellie and Riley having the time of their lives together, giggling and dancing. It’s obvious with how comfortable they are around each other that they can be themselves with each other. Young love may not last forever, but it stays with her throughout the series. This short-lived DLC brings the player with Ellie’s life before she met Joel and when young love blossomed.

Revan and Bastila

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

KOTOR allows the player to enter the world of Star Wars. The romantic options for the player are limited to Carth, Bastila or Juhani. To be with Bastila, the player must help his mother on Tattoine and kiss her. On the unknown planet, the player will either embrace the dark side or talk Bastila down from it, sealing the deal on the romance.

With the main mission in mind, Revan and Bastila spend a lot of time together during their adventures, especially when they often save each other. Although she was closed off at first, their Force bond helped strengthen their relationship. Their differences in the past made for a difficult beginning, but love prevailed in the end.

Kaidan and Commander Shepard

Mass Effect series

Kaidan Alenko and Shepard in Mass Effect

Commander Shepard is able to find love between three characters in Mass effect series. One of the characters, Kaidan Alenko, is loved by players for his charm and playful self while talking to their playable character, Shepard. When making tough choices, it’s always best to stick by Kaidan’s side as their workplace friendship turns into a romantic relationship.

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Whether the player plays as a male Shepard or female Shepard to romance Kaidan, the characters grow to love each other between missions. It’s a slow burn throughout the trilogy, but his growth and special quirks make him special. He is often considered the perfect fit for everyone.

Corvo Attano and Jessamine Kaldwin

The disgrace

Corvo and Jessamine in Dishonored

Empress Jessamine had a close relationship with Corvo, her personal guard The disgrace. During the time they spent together, they became lovers on the second day of the rainy month. Their relationship was kept secret, disregarding the rumors throughout Dunwall. She tried to be a compassionate ruler, but she was unable to please everyone.

A relationship that grew out of the labor union is often rumoured, but never told directly. Although their time was short, it is quite simple that they were lovers for a long time. Many players even believe that Corvo is Emily’s father.

Curie and the sole survivor

Fallout 4

Curie and The Sole Survivor in Fallout 4

Many characters have lost loved ones in Fallout 4, creates an opportunity to search for love in a radiated wasteland with who knows how many options. Curie holds the honor of being one of the most beloved romantic companions. At first she is a heavily modified Miss Nanny Robot, but later she is transformed into a synth. She is offered as a companion that is incredibly useful in battles, and easy to talk to.

This unusual relationship with a synth comes naturally in this toxic wasteland. The player must achieve maximum affinity to unlock any romance options for her and pass each Flirt challenge. Many players believe these challenges are well worth it because she becomes the strongest companion in the game.

Leah and the main character

Stardew Valley

Leah in Stardew Valley

IN Stardew Valley, the player moves from the big city to take care of inherited farmland, learns to love it in their small farm town, and gets a chance to meet the locals. There are many romantic options, specifically half of the local population. A major romance that blossoms is with Leah.

Although the main focus of the game is farming, the romance takes the experience to another level. Romancing a character takes an enormous amount of time and effort to grow just like the crops. For those who value personality over game winnings, Leah is the one for them with her engaging nature and creativity as an artist.

Joker and Haru Okumura

Personas 5

Joker and Haru Okumura in Persona 5

The Joker has many romantic options to choose from Personas 5. By the time Joker meets Haru at the end of the game, some players have already chosen their romance. She is generally shy, reserved and has serious trust issues until her true persona shines as a girl who speaks for herself. When they meet, she is in an arranged marriage with her abusive fiancé – with a genuine desire to get out of the commitment.

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Romancing her shakes up the basic plot which makes for an interesting story. Although she doesn’t pass out like the other girls, she seems to have real feelings for Joker. She doesn’t say exactly what she means, but she clumsily hints at a date when she talks about a yellow wagon that helps you find your true love. Many players loved her character, unaware that she can wreak havoc.

Ezio and Sofia

Assassin’s Creed revelations

Sofia and Ezio in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

The beloved couple met in 1511 at her birthplace in Constantinople. As an assassin, he continued his work by meeting Sofia, a bookstore owner. A partnership began that was beneficial to both of them to help in the search for Masyaf keys. Their time together on adventures turned into a love that lasted. She comforted him when he talked about resigning from the order.

Their relationship is like no other Assassin’s Creed franchise. Eventually they marry and have two children together. Ezio has lived a long and dangerous life, but when he meets Sofia, he decides it’s time to settle down and change the whole world. Although quite normal in the 16th century, their 17-year age difference and partnership led to a wonderful marriage that many didn’t think could last.

Monkey And Trip

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Monkey and Trip in Enslaved

To survive, Trip enslaves Monkey with a hacked slave headband to escort her home safely or suffer a painful death. Left with no choice, Monkey reluctantly cooperates with Trip. As they travel through the Wasteland, their mutual partnership develops into a romantic relationship.

They develop in complex ways with Monkey becoming more dependent and Trip gaining confidence as they go on adventures together. The subtle ways they act towards each other creates a relationship that can last a lifetime. Although they constantly argue, their feelings grow more real with every second they spend with each other.

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