10 Best Weapons in the God of War Series

10 Best Weapons in the God of War Series

The God of War video game series follows Kratos, a ruthless and powerful Spartan general who travels through the ancient world slaying gods, titans, mythical creatures and more. In the original game series, Kratos took on the Greek pantheon, while the soft reboot pitted him against the creatures and gods of Norse mythology.

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In his vengeful quest against his enemies, Kratos needs the right weapons to get the job done. Each main game in the series introduces at least one new weapon that creates a fun new way to play and refreshes the franchise for longtime fans.

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10 The Blades Of Chaos are unforgettable classics

First appearance: God Of War (2005)

Kratos uses Blades of Chaos God of War

At the start of the series, Kratos is equipped with the legendary Blades of Chaos, a pair of short swords chained to his wrists. Given to Kratos when he swore to be the servant of Ares, these knives have become a staple throughout the franchise, accompanying Kratos through his toughest battles.

Blades of Chaos are unlike most weapons found in hack-and-slash games because of their versatility. In battle, Kratos can use them to pull enemies towards him, swing enemies around in circles and throw them like rag dolls, and stab opponents multiple times in melee.

9 The Leviathan Ax is a worthy successor to The Blades Of Chaos

First appearance: God Of War (2018)

Kratos uses Leviathan Ax God of War

In the soft reboot of the series, Kratos leaves Ancient Greece and the Blades of Chaos behind and heads into Middle-earth, where he acquires a new weapon known as the Leviathan Axe. This enchanted weapon was created by the dwarves Brok and Sindri, and it made its way to Kratos after his wife Faye passed away.

Many were skeptical that the iconic Blades of Chaos would be replaced, but the Leviathan Ax proved to be the perfect successor. Imbued with ice magic, it can be used for both melee and ranged combat, and when thrown, Kratos can magically summon it back to his hand. Throughout the game, Kratos also uses it to complete puzzles and open new paths.

8 The Blade Of Artemis is classic Hack-&-Slash Fun

First appearance: God Of War (2005)

Kratos uses the Blade of Artemis God of War

In the first god of war the game, Kratos purchases the Blade of Artemis from the legendary Greek goddess of the hunt to aid him in his never-ending quest for revenge. Players have the ability to switch between this weapon and the Blades of Chaos depending on the given situation, adding extra variety to gameplay.

This powerful blade has much shorter range and versatility than the Blades of Chaos, but it’s incredibly satisfying to use when fighting the waves of undead soldiers that Kratos encounters in various areas. Fans of traditional hack and slashers will love using the Blade of Artemis to slice through enemies and watch their limbs fly.

7 World weapons allow for improvisation

First appearance: God Of War: Ascension (2013)

Kratos uses the Sword God of War Ascension

One of the mechanics introduced in God of War: Ascension was Kratos’ ability to pick up weapons all over the world or those dropped by enemies. These weapons include a sword, spear, shield, sling, and flail, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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God of War: Ascension doesn’t have any other special weapons for Kratos to use besides the Blades of Chaos, but the “world weapons” almost make up for it. Mid-fight, players can choose to continue fighting with their blades or fists, or they can mix things up and pick up a discarded weapon for a change of pace.

6 Sometimes Kratos has to use his own fists

First appearance: God Of War: Ascension (2013)

Kratos uses his fists God of War

Kratos primarily fights with one of his many weapons, but in some cases he only needs to use his fists to defeat his enemies. In the earlier games, players could occasionally fight hand-to-hand, but only for very short bursts. It wasn’t until 2013 God of War: Ascension that players were able to fight with their bare hands.

One of the best parts of any hack and slash is the hacking and slashing itself. However, there is something so satisfying and exhilarating about using Kratos’ fists to punch opponents, especially when he has to go up against Baldur.

5 Freezing enemies with Medusa’s head is fun

First appearance: God Of War (2005)

Kratos uses Medusa Head God of War

After Kratos defeats the legendary Medusa in battle, he decides to take her head not as a trophy, but as a weapon. Throughout the game, Kratos can use Medusa’s infamous gaze to turn enemies to stone, which he can then smash into pieces. In the following game, although Kratos loses Medusa’s head, he now has the slightly more powerful Euryale head.

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There may be times when players don’t feel like going through the typical hack-and-slash with the knives in Kratos’ arsenal. This is when they can easily turn their enemies to stone and defeat them with a single swipe, courtesy of Medusa’s head.

4 The Nemean Cestus were truly unique

First appearance: God Of War III (2010)

Kratos uses the Nemean Cestus in God of War 3

Not all of Kratos’ weapons were blades or magic spells. The Nemean Cestus were a pair of enchanted gloves originally worn by Hercules, but immediately taken by Kratos after his defeat. Cestus allowed for powerful short-range attacks, and Kratos could also use them to break through certain materials or create damaging shockwaves.

A majority of the weapons that Kratos acquires are blades, so using the Nemean Cestus as an alternative adds some new variety to the gameplay. Unfortunately, like many of the secondary weapons Kratos picks up on his travels, Cestus only sticks around in one game.

3 The Draupnir spear is underutilized

First appearance: God Of War: Ragnarök (2022)

Kratos uses Draupnir Spear God of War Ragnarok

Toward climax of God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos receives the Draupnir spear, a magical weapon with various abilities, such as replicating himself and even killing a god. Kratos uses this spear primarily to aid him in his fight against Heimdall and Odin, but it also proves useful in his adventures to traverse various terrains and reach previously inaccessible areas.

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The Draupnir spear is such a fun weapon to use, but unfortunately it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves in the main story. Equal god of war‘s Blade of Olympus, its main purpose is to defeat a god, except that the Spear easily surpasses the Blade due to its variety and impact on gameplay.

2 The Claws Of Hades had some cool abilities

First appearance: God Of War III (2010)

Kratos Claws of Hades God of War 3

After Kratos defeats the Greek god of death, Hades, he takes from him his signature weapon: the Hades Claw. What makes the Claws stand out is that they give the user the ability to summon the souls of the dead to aid in battle. As the game progresses, the player can upgrade their claws and magic to make them a very powerful helper.

The Claws of Hades is similar to the Blades of Chaos, albeit with slightly less power. But what they lack in strength, they make up for with their magical abilities. When the player is dealing with low-level grunts and wants to spice up the fight, the claws come in handy.

1 The Army of Sparta is always ready to defend Kratos

First appearance: God Of War III (2010)

Kratos uses Army of Sparta God of War 3

Kratos receives the Blades of Exile (an alternate form of the Blades of Chaos) in God of War III. While the Blades are hardly different from their predecessors, they do come with an interesting magical attack known as the Army of Sparta. With this move, Kratos can summon the spirits of his fallen Spartan soldiers to surround him in a protective phalanx.

Army of Sparta is different from the similar Claws of Hades soul summoning attack because, in addition to offering protection, it also protects Kratos, which can be a lifesaver in the heat of battle. When the attack is fully upgraded, a shower of arrows descends to deal additional damage to surrounding opponents.

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