10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2022

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2022

2023 looks set to be a big year for Nintendo, with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom led the way for an action-packed year of new releases, but 2022 has also served up some huge releases for them. Nintendo Switch continues to be a popular console with its innovative ideas and various new releases.

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There have been many big hits released on the Nintendo Switch in 2022, whether they are ports of already popular games and franchises, or Nintendo-exclusive releases. There have been so many challengers from Nintendo that have impressed fans and players, that games such as Mario Strikers: Battle League is referred to honorable mentions.

10/10 Legends: Arceus kicked off a big year for Pokémon

Released: January 28

a pokemon trainer approaches a bidoof in pokemon legends arceus

2022 was a monumental year for Pokémon franchise, from the announcement of Ash’s departure from the anime to two groundbreaking new games. While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has divided opinion, with its captivating stories and exciting new designs plagued by various performance issues, Pokemon Legends: Arceus was another outside-the-box idea that ultimately helped revolutionize the franchise.

Legends: Arceus took Pokémon to the past in the Hisui region, and by taking a new perspective on the Pokémon phenomenon, a new sense of freedom and flow was found. It’s by no means the best-looking game coming to Switch in 2022, but this RPG will actively influence what fans want from future projects. There were even aspects of Legends: Arceus that appeared Scarlet & Violet.

9/10 Triangle strategy deserves more attention

Released: March 4

Screenshot showing Serenoa standing next to Scales of Conviction in Triangle Strategy.

Triangle strategy saw releases on Windows and Nintendo Switch during 2022, and it deserves attention as one of the greatest strategy RPGs of recent years. Triangle strategy isn’t anything groundbreaking in terms of visuals, but the gameplay is still remarkably smooth and entertaining.

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Triangle strategy thrives on a compelling story that is sustained by this satisfying gameplay and the various quality of life features, including the camp. Many other RPGs and strategy games will steal the limelight, however Triangle strategy is another fantastic Square Enix project that deserves its recognition.

8/10 Kirby And The Forgotten Land brings a full 3D experience to the series

Released: March 25

Kirby uses his suction powers in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land list

In March 2022, Kirby and the Forgotten Land was the last in a long line of Kirby game, but the first major entry to venture into a full 3D experience. As always, Kirby’s versatility paves the way for a varied game, which ends up being an exceptional action platformer, even for the uninitiated Kirby series.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a fun experience, but not without difficulty. However, regardless of the player’s skill and ability, there is minimal input lag with the controls, making for a satisfyingly smooth gameplay, perfect for this type of 3D platformer.

7/10 Nintendo Switch Sports continues the legacy of family favorite Wii Sports

Released: April 29

Players participating in Chambara in Nintendo Switch Sports

The days of the Nintendo Wii may be very much in the past now due to the success and popularity of the Nintendo Switch, however Wii Sports will always have a place in everyone’s hearts. Wii Sports was the perfect game to encourage an extra level of interaction and activity in play, as well as appeal to all ages, especially in families.

The Nintendo Switch has since taken these concepts and used them elsewhere, but in 2022 finally launched Nintendo Switch Sports, continuing from that legacy made by its Wii counterpart. The Switch’s Joy-Cons, as well as the console’s general superiority over the Wii, make for a more refined experience in Nintendo Switch Sportsbut it still includes many classics, from bowling and tennis to golf.

6/10 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a much-appreciated addition to the franchise

Released: June 24

Edelgard and Shez In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Fire emblem has built up a considerable reputation over the years, for its pleasant turn-based combat and general strategy, but Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes provides a spin-off with a different focus. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a hack and slash alternative for those who value free-flowing action over meticulous planning and strategy.

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Warriors: Three Hopes is seen as a spin-off to the 2019 release Fire emblem: Three houses, offering players an alternate path with familiar characters and scenarios. The Warriors format fits the world Fire emblem perfect, and it brings a freshness to the franchise, without completely ignoring its core values ​​and charm.

5/10 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 deserves its overwhelming praise

Released: July 29

The main cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 looks at the world of Aionio

The Xenoblade Chronicles franchise has become a beloved staple of Nintendo over the years, but Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has reached unprecedented levels of popularity since its launch in July. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be remembered for years to come, for its rich and beautiful storytelling and action-packed gameplay.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 deserves all the high praise, and its massively open world gives players plenty to explore while leaving them wanting more. If there is a fourth part of Xenoblade Chronicles or not, the existing three entries have already raised the bar high enough and stayed consistent every single time, an impressive feat for any video game franchise.

4/10 Splatoon 3 is worth the hype and excitement

Released: September 8

Turf War mayhem in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 2 was a huge hit upon its release back in 2017, so when the third installment of this high-octane third-person shooter was announced, expectations and expectations were immediately high. Ultimately, Splatoon 3 met and exceeded these expectations.

Since its release, various updates have been quickly released to counter any issues, which always comes as a relief to gamers. This extends to how various concepts have been streamlined to support the amazing gameplay, which is as fluid as ever. Multiplayer and single player modes have been improved, and do Splatoon 3 a must-play of the 2022 releases for Nintendo Switch.

3/10 Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is absurdly fun and highly enjoyable

Released: October 20

The cast of Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids is one of many crossovers with everyone’s favorite plumber, although the concept may never hold up against the likes of Super Smash Bros, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is still an incredibly fun game. Sparks of Hope seeing the return of Ubisoft with theirs Rabbis franchise, and gamers have been impressed with the improvement from the first crossover, Kingdom Battle.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope brings more personality to the characters, and more depth and precision to the levels, important criteria that the best games should always strive to meet. Sparks of Hope is a fun game all the way through, but ramping up the difficulty can really make a premium experience out of an initially silly premise.

2/10 Persona 5 Royal shows the way for long-awaited ports that have finally arrived on the Switch

Released: October 21

Joker and his friends fight several Baphomets in Persona 5 Royal

Personas 5 is easily one of the best JRPGs of all time and 2022 has seen Persona 5 Royal finally making it to other consoles, instead of remaining a PlayStation exclusive. Exclusive Nintendo Switch deserves a lot of love, but 2022 has also been a big year for the console to get some big ports of successful games, and not only Personas 5.

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Autumn boys finally came to the console in 2022, but releases included Tunic and Portal: Companion Collection has eclipsed it. Persona 5 Royal will remain the standard bearer for successful and popular ports in 2022, but there are countless others out there.

1/10 Bayonetta 3’s gameplay is undeniably fun and chaotic

Released: October 28

Bayonetta is looking forward to Bayonetta 3

Since its release on October 28, Bayonetta 3 has earned its considerable praise from simply embracing the true chaos that Bayonetta thrive in. In fact, Bayonetta 3 has impressed players with its crisp, fluid combat and overall gameplay, bringing the sheer ridiculousness to life in creative ways.

Bayonetta 3 has had its frame rate issues, but it’s not exactly alone in that department when considering other 2022 releases. The benefit of the doubt may be necessary in some areas, but there’s no denying how fun it is Bayonetta 3 is, with it never feeling like a chore or a bore.

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