10 best hack-and-slash games on Nintendo Switch, according to Reddit

10 best hack-and-slash games on Nintendo Switch, according to Reddit

Hack-and-slash games including the long-awaited sequel Bayonetta 3 and the award-winning title Hades has been a trendy choice on all platforms. Although the gameplay is difficult to pin down, hack-and-slash games are generally titles that emphasize fast-paced combat with melee weapons.

The Nintendo Switch library has been a treasure trove of hack-and-slash games, from exclusive titles to games ported from other consoles. Gamers on the social media platform Reddit are sharing some of the best hack and slash games that can be played on the Nintendo Switch.



Hades art with Zagreus

The indie game Hades has received critical acclaim for its extensive story and an impressive narrative involving Zagreus, the prince of the underworld. Its hack-and-slash rogue-like gameplay, as well as its vibrant and distinct art style, have also allowed it to stand out from other similar titles.

Gamer dkirk526 says they were “skeptical” if they would Hadesbut soon found it very “addictive” and easy to pick up”. Hades is a game that can easily be recommended to any gamer, as it has a simple gameplay and charming characters.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity key art featuring Link and Princess Zelda.

The game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity combines The Legend of Zelda lore with the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. This means players can see recognizable gaming icons like Link and Princess Zelda engage in large-scale hack-and-slash gameplay involving invading bases and controlling soldiers.

Redditor Nicholasthecoo recommends the follow-up to the 2014s Hyrule Warriors and backs it up by saying that while they “don’t play hack-and-slash games,” they enjoyed it Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The game was well received thanks to its huge variety in character playstyles and designed mechanics.

Astral chain

Astral Chain screenshot containing the main cast of characters

Similar to the hugely popular hack-and-slash game series Bayonetta, Astral chain features an RPG narrative where players take control of a futuristic detective. The game is set in a dystopian Earth plagued by interdimensional creatures and is heavily inspired by cyberpunk anime.

According to Redditor Cloudaway0076, Astral chain is a great hack-and-slash game as there are no “set-in-stone combos” in the game, meaning players have full control over their attacks and can pull off “pretty cool” feats in battle. But fair warning – the game gets significantly more difficult as players progress through it.

Dead cells

Dead Cells promo art featuring the Prisoner protagonist encountering the world of the game.

Dead cells combines hack-and-slash gameplay with exciting Roguelike mechanics. The game is about a shapeless creature called The Prisoner who is on a mission to kill the king of an island filled with sick monsters. Going through the game’s procedurally generated levels is incredibly challenging, but luckily players can get upgrades along the way.

A comment from Redditor akulowaty highlights that while Dead cells has “challenging” combat mechanics, it has a “very nice learning curve”. Additionally, the game is “replayable by design”, so players have plenty of content to go through. Due to its engaging gameplay, Dead Cells is a rogue-like game that is usually recommended by Redditors.

Ultra Age

Ultra Age

There are many excellent hack and slash games made by indie developers. Such include Next Stages 2021 games Ultra Age. The game follows a man named Age who must make his way across a barren planet to find a solution to preserve humanity.

Recommended by Redditor lifeisaliewebelive, Ultra Age may be “cheaper and not as polished” as triple-A games. Despite that, the game has received “decent reviews” due to its seamless hack-and-slash gameplay, unique weapon aspects, and enjoyable boss fights.


Mark Hamill voices The Watcher in Darksiders

Originally released for PlayStation and Xbox, Darksiders is a ported hack-and-slash game that can also be played on Nintendo’s flagship handheld console. Darksiders is a soul-like 3D game that allows players to take control of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and reclaim the character’s former glory.

Redditor GhostMug raves about Darksiders, stating that it is one of their “favorite games of all time” as it is an “excellent hack-and-slash” title. Those familiar with the game say that the version on Nintendo Switch is a faithful port that has many exciting open levels and robust gameplay.


Warframe Empyrean

It’s not common to see a great free-to-play game for the Nintendo Switch. Warframe, an action RPG shooter developed by Digital Extremes, also highlights fun hack-and-slash mechanics. Players must skillfully control ancient warriors through an open world to gain better equipment and weapons.

In a Reddit thread about hack-and-slash Switch games, jbuggydroid recommends Warframe and gives the premise that it’s a game featuring ninjas “in space with guns”. They note that the game is “overwhelming at first”, but the melee and hack-and-slash aspect makes Warframe all the more worthwhile.

Torchlight II

Torchlight II Berserker Screenshot

The beloved dungeon crawler RPG Torchlight II can also be played on Nintendo’s handheld console. Torchlight II allows players to choose between four different classes, all of which have different skills and abilities. Players can either be an Engineer, Outlander, Berserker or Embermage in the game.

Reddit user Voxelsaurus_Vex encourages other Switch players to check it out Torchlight II as it “offers a lot of variety”. For example, players can switch between “sword and shield” or “flintlock pistols” depending on their preferred play style. Due to its incredible skill design and gameplay, Torchlight II has received high scores on Metacritic.

Diablo III

diablo 3 reaper of souls illustration

Despite not having very advanced hardware, the Nintendo Switch can still run excellent triple-A games from other consoles. Diablo III, which was originally released for the PC in 2012, runs smoothly on the Switch. The game features hack-and-slash gameplay and allows players to build a character based on seven different classes.

Reddit user Varrysthan65 says so Diablo III is an “outstanding” hack-and-slash game on the Switch, going as far as to say it’s “the best version”. Upon release, Diablo III received rave reviews, particularly due to the exhaustive new skill system that encourages customization and experimentation.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta with short hair in the sequel Bayonetta 2

One of the most anticipated releases this year is the follow-up to Bayonetta 2. The PlatinumGames title is a hack-and-slash game starring the titular character, who is a witch working hard to save her friend Jeanne. Bayonetta appeals strongly to players as it allows them to switch between melee attacks and gunfights.

A comment from Redditor StealTheNinja highlights how “the game is more polished and fluid”, meaning players “won’t have a hard time” like they did playing Bayonetta. However, the changes in the game are not too drastic to alienate fans of its predecessor, but it does have an elevated feel and art direction.

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