10 Best Games Released on PSP

10 Best Games Released on PSP

After the defeats of Atari and Sega, Sony decided to throw its hat into the handheld ring to combat the efforts of the Big N. Unfortunately, while the PlayStation Portable fared better than the Lynx or Game Gear, it still proved no match. for Nintendo DS. Despite some impressive software, the hardware and effort of the UMD movies failed to cure consumers.

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The Vita’s second outing proved to be an even bigger failure after being thwarted by the 3DS. While the mobile market would eventually crush the efforts of Sony and Nintendo, the former’s handheld platform has some hidden gems that gamers shouldn’t sleep on.

10/10 Lumines II has added new features and modes

Play PlayStation portable puzzle games.

The original Lumines provided a sonic twist on the falling block puzzle formula seen in games like Tetris. The game was the brainchild of former Sega AM3 developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi who chose the PSP because it was one of the few handhelds on the market with a headphone jack.

Q Entertainment improved its previous puzzle game with some new features and game modes. Lumines II introduces Mission, Skin Edit and Sequencer modes, while allowing players to record their achievements in the game’s time attack mode.

9/10 Wipeout Pure has crossed the finish line

Hovercrafts race in the futuristic tracks of Wipeout Pure.

With Wipeout Pure, the Liverpool studios attempted to address most of the complaints against the more mediocre PlayStation 2 iteration. The team also had to contend with developing brand new hardware with a looming launch date. Fortunately, this PSP racer took the gold with stunning visuals and the series’ trademark high-speed gameplay.

It was also the first game in the series to boast online play and downloadable content thanks to the handheld’s internet capabilities. While criticism was leveled at the frame rate, Wipeout Pure was largely seen as a return to form for the franchise.

8/10 Patapon produced an interesting hybrid

PSP Patapon 3 Battle

The pyramid Patapon the titles were idiosyncratic rhythm and strategy hybrids that somehow turned out to be highly immersive. Players give commands to the eponymous creatures by performing certain drum beats with the PSP’s face buttons.

Players are rewarded for performing to the beat, with the game’s fever mechanic increasing the attack and defense of their little soldiers. The game’s presentation shone with a distinct storybook art style, and a soundtrack guaranteed to never leave players’ heads. The game saw two sequels and a remaster for the PlayStation 4.

7/10 Mega Man Powered Up was what it said on The Tin

Mega Man Powered Up Characters

Turned on was an interesting polygonal remake of the game that started it all Mega man franchise. The game boasted the same mix of platforming, shooting, and puzzle solving as the original NES title. The remake incorporated a Chibi anime art style, making the characters much more expressive than the original 8-bit sprites.

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It even came with clever additions, such as the ability to save progress, two new robot masters, and even some game modes not found in the original. Unfortunately, low sales ruined any chance of a similar treatment against its infinitely superior sequel.

6/10 Daxter’s soloing brought the platform back

    Daxter exterminates something.

Developed by Ready At Dawn, Daxter put players in control of Jak’s eponymous self-aggrandizing sidekick. The game takes place over the two years as the furry otter seal searches for his friend in Haven City. When Daxter gets a job exterminating Metal Head bugs, he comes across a promising lead that could bring him to his long-lost companion.

Fans who were horrified by it Jack 2 deviating slightly from the original game’s platforming roots will be pleased with Daxter’s soloing. Although it appeared on a handheld platform, it has the same visual and gameplay quality as Naughty Dog’s effort.

5/10 LocoRoco was another delightfully strange title from Sony Japan Studio

The swinging gameplay of LocoRoco

The now tragically closed Sony Japan Studio was responsible for several unique and wonderful titles. LocoRoco was another entry in the studio’s pedigree of oddball games that made the most of their respective platforms. The game was essentially a character platformer that players controlled with the PSP’s shoulder buttons.

Players start with the yellow LocoRoco and gradually accumulate a greater variety by progressing through the level. The game’s vibrant color palette and lively soundtrack enhanced the unique mechanics. Eventually, a remastered version of the title found its way to the PlayStation 4.

4/10 Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles Remade A Long Lost Classic

Richter, Maria and Dracula pose in this concept art.

Dracula X Chronicles was a fully polygonal remake of the PC Engine Castlevania title Rondo of blood. The game was a relatively faithful recreation with the addition of some new content and bosses. However, the real highlight of the pack is the inclusion of the former Japanese exclusive Rondo of blood and Symphony of the Night as unlockable titles.

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The former is adorned with a fully voiced English dub. Unfortunately, the original English dialogue of Symphony has been rewritten with much less flowery and memetic prose. Either way, the game has enough content to warrant a look from any vampire hunter.

3/10 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories allowed fans to sandbox on the go

Victor Vance from Grand Theft Auto spins Vice City Stories.

For years, gamers looking to take Rockstar’s sandbox series on the go had to settle for heavily compromised versions on far more limited platforms like the GameBoy Advance. Fortunately, with the power of the PSP, Vice City Stories was able to deliver fans an authentic GTA experience that can be played anywhere.

Developed by Rockstar Leeds, the game revisits the world of the 2003 title Vice City and specifies characters that were only seen briefly, such as Lance’s brother Victor. The game even tweaked the series’ much-maligned targeting system.

2/10 God Of War Ghost Of Sparta provided a pragmatic solution

Kratos fights a cyclops in God of War Ghost of Sparta

Ready at Dawn’s Chains of Olympus successfully brought God of War hack-and-slash formula to the lean PSP handheld. The control scheme was a pragmatic solution for the platform’s lack of a second analog stick. On the other hand, Ghost of Sparta surpassed the company’s previous efforts with its more refined combat and larger story.

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The game delved into the childhood of Kratos and his long-lost brother, which was teased in the special features of the original title. It boasted more weapons, enemies and abilities than the Spartan’s previous handheld effort.

Peace Walker big boss

Portable Ops proved that Hideo Kojima’s tactical espionage series could make the transition to Sony’s handheld, but Peace walker was an entry that was on par with its console brethren. From a gameplay and storytelling standpoint, Snake’s second mission on the platform was a marginal improvement from the first.

It continued on the story of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 and recounted the events that contributed to his eventual fall from grace. In addition to the initial PSP release, the game found its way to Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection as a downloadable title.

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