10 Best Games Like No More Heroes III

10 Best Games Like No More Heroes III

Hacking and slashing its way back into players’ hearts, it No more heroes franchise returns with another exciting and colorful installment. While No More Heroes III delivering all the lavish action that fans have been waiting for, it follows in a wide range of amazing games that players will also enjoy.

From classic titles such as Kingdom Hearts II to modern epics which Hyrule Warriors, No More Heroes III isn’t the only hack-and-slash game to use enticing visuals to enhance the experience. While video game history is filled with action titles, only the very best can hold a candle to Grasshopper’s latest gem.


Ghost Of Tsushima (2020)

Jin Sakai watches in Ghost of Tsushima

While No more heroes enjoy cartoon-like art design and epic boss battles, Ghost of Tsushima brought some class to the button-mashing hack-and-slash genre. Set during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, a samurai warrior must fight to repel the enemy and decide whether to fight honorably or do what is necessary to win.

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Known to be punishingly difficult, Tsushima is the perfect next-level challenge for any player who has mastered No more heroes franchise. With an open world to explore, Tsushima brings so much more to the table than other games, and its beautiful design brings the cinematic world of directors like Akira Kurosawa to life.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow (2010)

Gabriel Belmont stares stoically in Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows

With one of the best protagonists in Castlevania history, Lords Of Shadow proved that the classic hack-and-slash series was still viable in modern times. Set in the Middle Ages, the game follows Gabriel Belmont as he battles an evil order known as the Lords of Shadow.

Although much darker than No more heroesfans of the game will enjoy Castlevania’s fun control scheme and hack-and-slash style. The epic boss battles alone are worth the price of admission, and the game does an excellent job of resetting the franchise’s mythos for newer players to understand.

God of War (2018)

Kratos and his son survey the landscape in God of War

After fighting his way through the gods of Greek mythology, God of WarKratos shifts his gaze to another pantheon of deities. The eighth game in the franchise sees the ex-war god enter Midgard and battle the mighty gods of Norse myth.

Generally regarded as one of the best God of War game, the 2018 release was a nice refresher for the franchise and allowed them to move in a new direction. Everyone GoW games are perfect for No more heroes fanatics, but the newest title is particularly appealing for its new flourishes. From the gigantic boss fights to the gameplay that never gets repetitive, God of War has its own unique energy just like No more heroes.

Ninja Gaiden II (2008)

Ryu attacks enemies from Ninja Gaiden II

With games that stretch all the way back to the NES days Ninja Gaiden franchise is one of the longest-running hack-and-slash franchises in history. Ninja Gaiden II once again placed Ryu in a 3D environment as he uses his ninja skills to rescue a CIA agent named Sonia who was kidnapped by the Black Spider Clan.

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Unlike No more heroes which is somewhat cartoonish, Ninja Gaiden II was a step in a more violent direction for the franchise. Still, the controls are fluid and fun to use, and the overall experience is enhanced by being integrated into a 3D environment.

Devil May Cry 5 (2019)

A man fires two guns at a demon in Devil May Cry 5

The final installment in the epic series, Devil May Cry 5 was an improvement from the previous games and seems to suggest that the franchise will only get better and better in the future. Once again returning to battle the demon king Urizen, Dante and Nero are joined by the mysterious V who may have a connection with their enemy.

Although the game is still somewhat over-the-top in its image, it was a step in a more realistic direction thanks to improved technology. Just like No More Heroes IIIthe game makes improvements without betraying the fun hack-and-slash action that made the franchise memorable, and it’s the perfect game for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

Sora, Donald and Goofy greet in Kingdom Hearts II

Even though it’s one of the best Disney games of all time, that shouldn’t disqualify you Kingdom Hearts II from claiming their rightful place as hack-and-slash royalty. Sora returns once again to fight with the sinister organization XIII while also searching for his lost friends.

The game’s realm is directly inspired by popular Disney series, and as such the game is a colorful experience. Although fans of No more heroes aren’t Disney fanatics, the hack-and-slash gameplay and challenging bosses help elevate it above the material. Kingdom Hearts II may be a tie-in game, but it was one of the best titles of its generation.

Bayonetta (2009)

Bayonetta with her guns in Bayonetta

The fans were divided Bayonetta when it was first released, but it has gained a positive reputation in the years since. In search of the other half of the world’s eye, a resurrected witch ventures across Europe as she battles other powerful magic users.

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With the unique ability to manifest any firearm she can imagine, Bayonetta was already one of the most creative video game characters around. Other than that, the combat is fun and exciting, and even the dreaded quick-time events don’t spoil the experience. Shares a similar over-the-top tone with No more heroesit Bayonetta the series is more original than most AAA titles on the market.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity (2020)

Characters fight from Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

When you think of the best hack and slash game heroes, Link from Lown Of Zelda usually doesn’t come to mind, but Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity flipped that script. Set 100 years before Breath Of The WildZelda and Link must gather an army to fight Gannon’s evil minions.

Set on epic battlefields that recreate locations from the franchise, the game lives and dies with its fun hack-and-slash mechanics. Incorporates characters from Dynasty Warriors franchise, Hyrule Warriors feels like a perfect blend of both games. Colorful in its execution, fans of No more heroes will enjoy the game’s playful look when they don’t enjoy the captivating action.

Persona 5: Strikers (2020)

Characters fight in Persona 5: Strikers

Usually revolve based games like Persona would be considered the opposite of hack-and-slash titles, but Persona 5: Striker found a way to mix the two. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts venture across Japan to investigate a series of mysterious events and battle sinister villains.

Happy fans of Persona franchise with its dedication to the style of previous entries, The tips moves in a certain No more heroes-like direction with its action game. The action RPG elements help elevate it above most repetitive hack-and-slash games, and the anime-inspired design gives the game a visual style that forces it to stand out.

Lollipop Chainsaw (2012)

Juliet kills a zombie in Lollipop Chainsaw

The only studio that could match Grasshopper in their hyper-stylized game design was Grasshopper itself, and Lollipop chainsaw was truly a sight to behold. When zombies attack her high school, cheerleader Juliet Starling jumps into action to save her classmates.

Hyper-violent and always fun, the game was a wink and a nod to horror hounds who also enjoyed video games. The hack-and-slash mechanics never get old, and the goofy execution is topped off by Nick, Julie’s boyfriend who only exists as a severed head that she keeps around. Grasshopper’s games are not really comparable to anything else, and Lollipop chainsaw is a must play for No more heroes fans.

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