10 best games like Hades

10 best games like Hades

Hades is a game that has received acclaim from fans and critics alike. It has put the developers Supergiant Games on the map for most of the gaming audience. For many, it is an early contender for the best game of the decade. Its blend of roguelike design, hack ‘n’ slash combat and deep storytelling is a winning combination.

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Hades is designed for replayability and to reward long hours spent in the game. However, it can still get old after enough hours. Fans can end their time with Hades, but still want something similar. Fortunately, there are several games to scratch the same kind of itch Hades do.

10/10 Dead Cells has similar frenetic Roguelike combat

A player shooting a bow in the Dead Cells game

Dead cells is a game very similar to Hades. It’s a 2D hack ‘n’ slash roguelike. However, there is a key difference between the two. Dead cells is a platform game with a side view. The player moves up and down or left and right while fighting enemies. Hades is a top-down isometric game. The player moves around the room without a vertical element.

Dead cells features fast-paced battles, but rewards players for picking their battles and stacking the deck in their favor with gear. Hades is a more measured challenge that the players tackle head on. Dead cellsas Hades, has a story that develops as the player goes further and further. However, it is much more vague and in the background Hades‘ is at the forefront.

9/10 Risk Of Rain 2 takes Roguelikes to a new genre

A player fighting enemies in the Risk of Rain 2 game

Many roguelikes use a 2D perspective. Many also stick to the twin-stick shooter or hack ‘n’ slash genres. There is a lot of variation within these. Still, some games push the envelope further. Risk of rain 2 has similar gameplay to the original Risk of rain, but with a key difference. It is a 3D third-person shooter, rather than a 2D platformer.

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This gives Risk of rain 2 a clear difference from many other roguelikes. Players must use a different set of skills to master the gameplay. However, the staple of the roguelike genre is there, including similarities to Hades. Players must make multiple runs throughout the games, making incremental progression as they do so. Risk of rain 2 also has fourteen characters with different playstyles, equal Hades‘ many weapons.

8/10 Transistor is from the same developers

A player navigating a room in the Transistor game

Hades brought Supergiant Games into the mainstream. However, it is far from their only well-received title. Transistor is among the most beloved of their previous games. It contains gameplay elements such as Hades fans will recognize, although the overall design is different.

Transistor is not a roguelike. Instead, it’s an action role-playing game with tactical elements. The real-time gameplay will feel familiar Hades. The player moves around an isometric environment and encounters enemies. However, it puts a unique spin on things by allowing players to use the “Turn ()” function to play it as a turn-based RPG. Transistor should feel fresh Hades fans, but not a total stranger.

7/10 Immortals: Fenyx Rising draws from the same sources

Fenyx flies towards a city in the Immortals: Fenyx Rising game

Apart from the gameplay, Hades is loved for its characters and story. It puts a new twist on Greek mythology. It takes the strange and ancient Greek gods and makes them human, relatable and strangely likable. Through his many runs, the player gets to explore the character of the many gods Zagreus interacts with.

game-wise, Immortals: Fenyx Rising is quite different Hades. It’s an action RPG, but much closer The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, the story takes a similar approach to Greek myths. It’s very similar for the characters and the humor, without feeling like it cheapens the mythology.

6/10 Returnal integrates Roguelike gameplay into the story

Selene climbs a scary staircase in PS5's Returnal.

A thing that many people like Hades is how the gameplay is integrated into the story. The player does not run endless races just because. Instead, Zagreus continues to try to escape the underworld because his relationship with his father has broken down. Even his countless deaths are not enough to stop him.

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Return do something similar. The main character, Selene Vassos, finds herself trapped in a time loop that resets when she dies. Even past the apparent goal of the match, Return justifying its endless looping. The stories and gameplay are very different. However, they are both roguelikes with a strong sense of gameplay progression and enhancing narrative.

5/10 Mass Effect prioritizes the development of side characters

The entire cast of companions from the Mass Effect 2 game

There is more to Hades than endless runs of hack ‘n’ slash combat. In between races, players can explore the House of Hades. There they have several characters to interact with. Players can do quests for these characters and improve Zagreus’ relationship with them. Things may even take a romantic turn.

Zagreus can talk to and befriend many characters in Hades. However, he can only pursue a romance with Megaera, Dusa, or Thanatos. Nevertheless, this has become one of Hades‘ most popular aspects. It is similar in this regard Mass effect. A core part of Mass effectThe story is Shepard’s relationship with their crewmates. Some players focus almost exclusively on the friendship and relationship aspects of both games.

4/10 Enter The Gungeon shares its gameplay in the same way

A player exploring the Breach in Enter the Gungeon

Hades is one of many recent roguelikes. The genre has exploded in popularity throughout the 2010s and 2020s, with many acclaimed titles. One of the best is Enter the Gungeon. It has a much stronger focus on ranged combat and sheer variety. Nevertheless, it has elements many fans will recognize.

The core game loop is known. Players get as far as they can in 2D top-down combat, then start a new run if and when they die. Similarly, Enter the Gungeon has more to it than just the dungeons. In between races, players can explore the Breach. There they talk to NPCs, find secrets and accept quests. This feature has many similarities to House of Hades.

3/10 The Binding of Isaac prioritizes replayability

Isaac fights enemies in the basement in the game The Binding of Isaac

A core appeal of the roguelike genre is replayability. Roguelike games are designed so that a single successful run – even if it takes hours to complete – only scratches the surface. Roguelike games reward players for their ongoing efforts in the form of an evolving story or upgrades for new races.

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The Binding of Isaac is an important codifier of these tropes in modern gaming. It is considered by many to be the game that started the current boom in roguelikes. It has some clear differences from Hades, such as its far more vague history. However, it shares the same replayability and gradual progression.

2/10 Dandy Ace is colorful and charming

Ace with Jenny Jenny and Jolly Jolly in the Dandy Ace game

Part of what sets Hades apart are its aesthetics and charm. Many roguelike games are gloomy and dark in theme. Hades is instead a striking and stylized version of Greek mythology. It is designed to be visually appealing. In addition, the characters are likable and quirky, which adds to the game’s charm.

Dandy Ace has a very similar approach. The main character is great, handsome and funny. The secondary characters are strange. The levels are colorful and visually striking. They even have mostly similar stories. In both games, the main character tries to escape from a realm in which they are trapped.

1/10 Hollow Knight feels similar despite its very different genre

The Knight in marketing materials for the Hollow Knight game

Hollow Knight is another 2D, stylized action RPG with a focus on close combat and an unfolding story. It feels like Hades in many ways. However, it occupies a completely different genre. Hollow Knight fits into the Metroidvania genre of platformers. It doesn’t have a roguelike’s focus on replayability and gradual progression.

Despite this, the two games share many fans. Hollow Knight has a similar level of charm as Hades. It features difficult and surprisingly deep battles against a wide variety of enemies and bosses. The players must work to understand more of the story. It’s intuitive to play, but rewards mastery. Most people who enjoy Hades will feel at home in Hollow Knight.

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