10 Best Friendship Groups in Video Games

10 Best Friendship Groups in Video Games

Video games have entered the world of television and film more and more, with an adaptation of The last of us has just been released and a film adaptation of Borderlands working. Part of what makes these games so great is not just the action and characters, but the friendships they make.

Friendship in video games is often very important. Teams work much better together as friends than as enemies, and the more friends the characters have with them, the greater their chances of success—and the greater the heartache when friends die to save the day. Here are 10 of the best friendship groups in video games.


The Vault Hunters (Borderlands)

Borderlands Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters from Borderlandsespecially the first group from the original game, have all been brought together by chance but are still friends.

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The friendship that the Vault Hunters have with each other even extends past the games in which they first appear, especially when it comes to Roland’s group. Even with tensions between him and Brick, the four remain friends and allies in stopping those who would abuse the power of the vaults like Handsome Jack. When Roland dies, it visibly has a massive effect on the survivors, who redouble their efforts to stop Jack once and for all and avenge their fallen friend.

Noble Team (Halo: Reach)

The Noble Six team of Halo Reach

Hello Fans may have been upset about all the differences between the games and the show, but there’s no denying how good the characters and the bonds between them are. And one of the greatest bonds of friendship in the games is between the members of the Noble Team.

Noble Team is one of the top teams on Reach during the Covenant’s invasion, and the player gets to see the destruction firsthand through the eyes of the Noble 6. The bond between these soldiers is massive, and it hurts even more when they don’t get any time to mourn lost friends as the game progresses. All they can do is push on to try and win a game they have no hope of winning.

Shepard’s Squad (Mass Effect)

The squad takes on the clone in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC

The Mass effect the series features some of the greatest video game characters of all time, many of whom are part of Shepard’s team. Although this squad contains some tension due to personality and ideological differences, the group members are still friends.

They must be. Together, the team has fought against mercenaries, extremists, robots and the end of all life in the galaxy. They rely on each other to have each other’s backs when the going gets tough, and that takes true friendship. They must stay focused and work together to have any chance of defeating the Reapers before they complete their deadly work.

Raptor Team (Crysis)

Crysis Nanosuit

Soldiers are often friends to increase trust and cooperation between them. And the bond between the members of the Raptor Team, the main team in the Crysiscouldn’t be bigger.

These soldiers must work together to complete their missions, making teamwork skills strong and friendships close. As such, as the team begins to be picked off one by one throughout the game, they begin to fall apart little by little until there is almost nothing left. Despite this, the survivors of Raptor Team remain somewhat close to each other, even when the world begins to collapse due to the alien invasion and they are separated from each other.

Delta Squad (Gears Of War)

Gears of War video game

The bond between soldiers is always great, especially in times of crisis. Such is the case with Delta Squad from Gears of War.

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Even though Marcus and Dom are already friends before the fight, it’s still Marcus’ first time on Delta Squad. But by the end of the game, he is welcomed as one of them, even though he was imprisoned for leaving the post years earlier. In the end, they are all soldiers, and their friendship is forged through struggle and survival. Each new day brings the squad closer together as brothers in arms and friends.

Ratchet And Clank (Ratchet And Clank)

Ratchet and Clank Rift apart

The Ratchet and Clank game are some of the best robot video games out there, but it’s nothing compared to the friendship that exists between the two title characters.

Both Ratchet and Clank have been through tough times, but their in-game bond has never been stronger. The two are the best of friends no matter who they’re fighting, making this friendship one of the tightest in video game history. It is a friendship that is long in the making, and that has no chance of ending anytime soon – as long as neither of them dies permanently, that is.

Joel And Ellie (The Last Of Us)

The Last of Us remastered Joel and Ellie

While there are many harsh realities of replay The last of usthere’s no doubt that Joel and Ellie’s bond is strong, even if it didn’t start out as one.

At the start of the game, Joel is uncomfortable with Ellie due to the loss of his daughter. But as the game progresses, Joel begins to care for her, and she cares for him. Joel, not wanting to lose anyone else close to him, essentially sacrifices all of humanity when he storms the Firefly base to stop them from killing Ellie to find a cure for the virus ravaging the planet.

DedSec (Watch Dogs 2)

Marcus and the crew stick together in Watch Dogs 2

Most of the time in games, players have to fight against hackers. But i Watchdogs, they get to be the hackers. And the tightest group of hackers in the franchise is of course DedSec.

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Unlike most hackers, who are only in it for themselves, DedSec works together to promote freedom and expose corruption from those who would destroy people’s freedoms. They watch each other’s backs and work together to take down companies like Blume that engage in criminal activities. They may be different, but their friendship is formed through their hacking expertise and their need for justice.

The Order (freelancer)


Friendships and alliances are sometimes formed in a time of crisis, especially when the galaxy is at stake. And this is easily true in the game Freelancer for the secret organization known as The Order.

The Order was formed to fight the Nomads, a race of aliens who had infiltrated the galaxy and secretly taken over the various governments within. Although they are not usually friends due to their members coming from all corners of the galaxy and all walks of life, The Order still work together, forging friendships and alliances, to save the galaxy from a terrible fate at the hands of the Nomads.

Sora, Riku and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts Sora, Kairi and Riku

While Sora is best known for working with Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Heartshis closest friends were of course his friends from the island, Riku and Kairi.

The loss of his friends is what sets Sora on his journey against the Heartless. And while Riku is initially tricked and possessed to fight Sora, the hero still wants to save him and Kairi. Their friendship on the island was great, and despite challenges throughout Kingdom Hearts game, that the friendship remains intact even at the end.

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