10 Best Changes for The Witcher Remake, According to Reddit

10 Best Changes for The Witcher Remake, According to Reddit

Although fans of The Witcher Franchise may still be reeling from the news that Henry Cavill is stepping down as Geralt of Rivia after Season 3 of the Netflix series, CD Projekt Red made an exciting announcement in the form of another upcoming triple-A game. While an earlier presentation from the publisher revealed the codenames for several franchise games in the pipeline, the identities of two of them were unknown.

That was until they announced that Canis Majoris was The Witcher Remake. The original 2007 game was a cult hit for its time, but it’s certainly shown its age. Namely from combat and atmosphere perspectives, fans on Reddit discussed their hopes for what the remake will facelift.


A more intuitive user interface

In terms of user-friendly interfaces, The Witcher can certainly make progress in their various menu designs. The original game had interfaces that were not intuitive to the uninitiated and at most tolerable to CRPG veterans. Redditor PontiffPope once again reflects on their time with the game, saying “I have some pretty nostalgic memories of playing the first Witcher the game by how creepy the menu UI is; a large, fading circle that takes up half the screen, no clean lines dividing the various submenus.”

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But with how game design has made such strides in the 15 years since The Witcher – including game hunting – this feels like an extremely safe bet to see repaired.

Revitalizes the 3 combat styles in Unreal Engine 5

Action RPGs can live or die by their combat, and for its time, the 2007 original The Witcher admirably combined multiple gameplay elements for his match. That cocktail of hack-and-slash, rhythm and depth helped make it a unique experience back then, but it’s admittedly aged clumsily today. Redditor ih8meandu shared that sentiment, but gave credit where credit was due, saying “As boring as the match was, I was always a fan of the 3 different fighting styles.”

They further added that they “thought it was a neat mechanic and would have done well in a better game engine.” With 2020s gaming technology on the way thanks to Unreal Engine 5, this should be a great opportunity to breathe new life into the customizable combat approach.

Translating the environments and atmosphere to modern hardware

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt became one of the most recognized open-world video games, in part due to its richly atmospheric sandbox. Even so, many longtime fans still stand by the overall feel of the original game’s world.

Redditor Webbysan was a fan of it and agreed with another commenter who said, “especially in Outskirts and the Fields in the later chapter they have a relaxing feel, loved it. Really hope they at least get it right.” CD Projekt Red has been generally praised for adapting author Andrzej Sapkowski’s work, with enticing dark fantasy landscapes and soundtracks to complement them.

Change the action of the rhythm style

The aforementioned fighting styles are a feature that could see some tasty changes on top of the foundation it laid out for The Witcher Remake. However, the rhythm-inspired elements are something that needs to be completely reworked. Combat mainly revolved around the player having to get Geralt to time his attacks by left-clicking when the icon alerts them.

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Redditor SilentThunder-00 surmised that “It will probably have W3 style combat in UE5. Mouse click timing probably won’t happen again haha.” Credit should be given to CD Projekt Red for trying something bold for the time, but the jarring feel of it combined with modern action-RPG sensibilities would make that mechanic seem dated.

Modernized controls

Remakes and remasters are more popular in the video game industry than ever before, and the standard that current and upcoming Western RPGs can set will keep expectations high for The Witcher Remake. Aside from completely redoing the graphics, gameplay, and voice acting, modernizing the controls will be another requirement for the remake for pure modern-day playability.

Redditor PontiffPope recalled how they “remember a completely uncontrolled swing sensitivity if you played the games on mouse and keyboard.” Both PC and console gaming have come a long way, so it’s important to ensure that the controls are much more intuitive this time around.

Extend the scope of the original

Must follow up Game hunting after cementing itself as one of the greatest modern fantasy RPGs to date is a tall order. The game’s sense of scale was amazing, especially for how it filled the environments with meaningful substance. What the original game achieved was still respectable given the context of the generation, the studio’s smaller size, and the constraints under which they developed. Redditor thuy_chan said they “hope they expand it. There were a lot of engine limitations on the original.”

Remaking a 2007 PC game for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and modern PC hardware is bound to look drastically different, but considering the original used BioWare’s even older engine Never winter nightsThis is a chance to be even more ambitious with the scope of the game.

Better battle preparation mechanics

Regarding changes that can be made in The Witcher Remake based on the solid foundations of the original, the various battle preparation mechanics are things that could see a welcome makeover. Redditor SpaceballsTheReply thought it was among the game’s strongest features, saying “In Witcher 1, potions weren’t just something you chugged mid-fight in a 10-second buff. You had to know what you were up against and go prepared.”

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However, other fans also felt that potions and meditation were too archaic in certain respects in practice. But it’s nonetheless a great show of reverence for the source material to make players feel like a professional Witcher, and so it’s worth recreating in the remake.

Better characterization for Triss

All three by CD Projekt Red The Witcher games have been generally praised, with storytelling and character drama being two highlights. That said, that doesn’t mean everything was perfect.

Even loving fans of the entire series felt that Triss Merigold felt like a somewhat tasteless romance option for Geralt who didn’t amount to much more than that, even though she had been manipulating him since his amnesia. And especially compared to her stronger portrayal in Game hunting. Redditor paperkutchy said, “Triss feels more like a scrapped Yen prototype than actual Triss.”

Overhaul The Romance System

Along with Triss Merigold getting a tasty dose of rewriting, The Witcher‘s general romance system would do well to have a mechanical overhaul as well. Over the years, it has been seen back a bit infamously, as the system handled Geralt’s romantic exploits without tact.

Redditor potpan0 opined that “in general, it felt a little young that every area had a woman you can [have] sex with and you have to complete a short quest/puzzle to unlock her.” Seeing this change is another safe theory in the remake, especially since Game hunting Generally handled it well by being about RPG mechanics and rich character drama, rather than a trading card.

Brand new Voice-over work

Even with its loving homage in the storytelling to Sapkowski’s source material, the voice acting is also something that needs a complete overhaul. Aside from the fact that there were acting changes after the initial game to the final entry in Geralt’s story, it’s on the cheesy side.

That’s not necessarily bad, as more than anything else it was a product of its time, but Redditor DougieFFC still opined that “Dialogue and VA in particular are both somewhat janky, and while part of the charm of the original, they will needs reworking for a remake.” Fortunately, this should not be difficult to adjust the page Game hunting had an exceptional voice cast from top to bottom.

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