10 Best Cartridges for Blaze Evercade

10 Best Cartridges for Blaze Evercade

The original Blaze Evercade console came out in early 2020. A compact handheld video game console in sleek white and red, the Evercade became a darling of the retro gaming scene. This status became stronger with the 2021 release of Evercade VS, a TV-based improvement with a faster processor.

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The Evercade console includes well-known titles and companies with history such as Jaleco, Data East and Technos. It also has some obscurities like the Epyx-designed Atari Lynx handheld, which struggled and ultimately failed against the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Game Gear. With heavyweight Capcom joining Blaze’s camp with the upcoming Evercade EXP, the console’s future looks even brighter.

10/10 The Indie Heroes Collection features retro indie games with triple-A polish

One of the best parts of Evercade is giving retro-styled indie projects the full cartridge treatment. Evercade sets itself apart from other retro game concepts, not content with reliving the past, but also asking “what are people doing with this now?” That commitment makes the hardware and the company special.

This cart comes with games like 16-bit puzzles Alien Cat 28-bit endless runner Chain break and RPGs Quest Arrest. The Indie Heroes 1 cartridge adds an edge of indie flair to the Evercade console family. The pack also includes game branded stickers.

9/10 Data East Arcade 1 asks an important question

Data East Arcade 1 is one of the boxed arcade cartridges with Evercade VS. With a wide selection of arcade classics such as Lock ‘N’ Chase and Magic drop (released in US arcades as Chain reaction), this arcade cassette hits many of this great company’s classics.

There are two real standouts on Data East Arcade 1. Burger time is a fast-paced, fast-paced single-screen platformer that first came out in 1982 and saw a respected port to the NES in 1987. Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja is a beat-em-up that came out for the NES in 1988. The question “Are you a bad enough guy to save President Ronnie?” taunted many a player to drop into this classic beat-em-up. For many, the answer was no, but it was still fun to try.

8/10 Namco Museum 1 revisits Namco 8 and 16-bit titles

One of two cartridges licensed only for handheld Evercade systems, the Evercade and upcoming Evercade EXP, Namco Museum 1 cannot be played on a stock Evercade VS. It is programmed with 11 of Namco’s classics for the NES and Super NES.

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Dig Dug, Pac-Man, and Xevious and that once so unclear Star shine get a new look on your console. 16-bit titles such as Metal Marines and Quad Challenge round out the North American releases on this cartridge, while Mappy and Mappy Kids represents titles for Japan only. The cassette is rounded off with arcade classics Galacticobscurity Fighting vehiclesand Japan-only Super Famicom title Libble Rabble.

7/10 Intellivision Collection 1 Revisits The Glory Days Of American Consoles

Before the Video Game Crash of 1983, most of the world’s video game consoles were made in the United States. Mattel’s Intellivision, launched in 1981, had some of the best games available. Titles like Thunder Castle and Astrosmash made Intellivision a legend.

Princess Quest is a game released for the Intellivision decades after the fact, appearing in 2015. Fans of the legendary Capcom arcade title Spirits and ghosts will find Princess Quest remarkably familiar. Shark Sharkone of the best games in Intellivision’s original series, is also outstanding.

6/10 Jaleco Collection 1 revisits the Nintendo and SNES Glory Days

In the 1980s and 1990s, Jaleco was one of the most prolific game publishers on the NES and Super NES. As a launch publisher for the Famicom, Jaleco had a huge backlog of titles for Nintendo’s 8-bit platform at the North American launch of the NES in Christmas 1986.

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Titles like Bases loaded and Astyanax were fan favorites on the NES that were brought over to the Evercade. The cartridge also included Super NES games such as Brawl Brothers, Earth’s defense forceand Rival Turf!

5/10 Renovation Collection 1 makes expensive games affordable

In the early 1990s, Renovation Productions brought to North America some amazing games for the Sega Genesis. Titles like Valis and Beast Wrestler got Renovation’s feet wet on the console before they really hit their stride.

El Viento is the best game on the cartridge, with responsive controls and imaginative weapons in a gangster Chicago setting. Granada and Last zone have similar isometric and top-down settings, with the former having a tank and the latter a mech. The other true gem on the cart is the legendary shoot-em-up Sol-Deacewhich was also transferred to Sega CD as Sol-Feace.

4/10 Jaleco Arcade 1 eats virtual quarters for breakfast

Before they were a launch publisher for the Nintendo Famicom, Jaleco was a legendary arcade publisher. Jaleco Arcade 1 contains many of Jaleco’s most popular arcade games from the late 80s and early 90s.

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Winning titles in this collection include Vengeful spirita challenging platformer whose game mechanics require the player to have various animal and human NPCs to proceed. EDF: Earth Defense Force is a great arcade game that inspired a significantly different Super NES port. The Astyanax hacked its way onto the NES after a popular arcade run as well.

3/10 XenoCrisis/Tanglewood is the best early indie cartridge on the system

The first dual cartridge ever released for Evercade, XenoCrisis/Tanglewood uses Evercade’s rock-solid emulation to present the excellent indie titles XenoCrisis and Tanglewood. The former is a top-down run-and-gun shooter that presents a story inspired by Alien film series and pictures from American Gladiators-inspired Smash TV.

Tanglewood is an expansive, weapon-free combat take on a Metroidvania where the player takes on the role of a fox trying to make it through the night. Power-ups allow for exploration, and full use of the wide but limited environment will be necessary to complete the game’s missions.

2/10 Atari Collection 2 proves why 1983 wasn’t the end

Atari Collection 1that shipped with the original handheld console was a respectable collection of Atari’s earliest offerings for the 2600 and a handful of 7800 games. Atari Collection 2 builds on this, presenting some of the best games from both consoles.

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Solaris is the headliner for this cassette. A gem from the late 2600 library, Solaris was an overlooked Doug Neubauer creation in the face of the Nintendo juggernaut. Also present is the early 2600 legend Yars’ Revenge and the obscure 7800 port to Asteroidswhich proved much more faithful to arcade games than the mediocre early 2600 port.

1/10 Morphcat Games Collection 1 showcases the NES’s Afterlife

Contains five games, including the demo of an ultra-cute NES indie game Super Bat Puncher, Morphcat Game Collection 1 is a great representation of what makes 8-bit gaming so enduringly popular. The collection offers simple game mechanics, memorable levels and difficulty throwing controls.

The headlines for Morphcat Game Collection 1 is Micro Mages and Micro Mage’s Second Questtwo multiplayer climbing platformers similar to early arcade games Bubble Bubble or home titles such as Boy Icarus. The other games, Bubble, Space gull and Super Bat Puncherare more conventional side-scrolling exploration-based platformers, and a lot of fun.

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