10 Best Apps for Audiobooks, According to Reddit

10 Best Apps for Audiobooks, According to Reddit

The world is thriving in a truly digital age, where it is much easier to consume everything, including books. For people who are unable to read, audiobooks have been a boon, and for regular readers, it’s a new way to enjoy their favorite stories on headphones.

However, the best audiobook experience has several components, one of which is a large app. Availability, organization, simplicity and consistent development are some factors that come into play in choosing the right app to listen to audiobooks on. Redditors have pooled their collective knowledge of the best apps to use, and these are their top picks to connect with.


Smart audiobook player

Smart audiobook player

Redditors recommend this app for the best audiobook listening experience, but it’s only available on Android. MadScientist67 says about it: “Have used for years and it’s as solid as it gets.” With a sleep timer and skipping different time periods (10 seconds and a minute), listening is a breeze.

Every option, including the equalizer, can be customized on the front of the app. It also gets regular developer support and plays almost anything without any issues. It also has smart features such as shaking for sleep hours and gentle alarms.


Audible on the App Store

Audible is a universally loved app for a reason. No other app can beat the sheer number and variety of audiobooks available on it, and books can be purchased at reasonable prices. C0xC0mb shares, “I love the versatility of the app,” as it offers as many features as books.

Sample books before purchase give readers a better chance to gauge whether the narrator is right for them, there are annotation options, playback speeds and sleep timers for a seamless experience. Audible also has some of the best movie audiobooks to enjoy.

Voice Audiobook Player

Voice Audiobook Player

Fans of simplicity will love this super minimalist audiobook app. The neat interface is inviting and clean, and the ad-free model is much loved. Only available on Android, Voice Audiobook Player is regularly updated for best performance, nailing all the basics like skips and playback settings.

EverEarnest sums it up by saying “Good, simple, works. I use this. All the main features are there.” Easy to navigate, few others come close to this free audiobook app for enjoying one’s favorite true crime audiobooks.



iOS users will love Prologue, the app for those with Plex servers. Prologue is free to use, with small in-app purchases that unlock premium features like offline listening and organizing books into collections.

Prologue is packed with amazing features like variable playback times, automatic rewind after pauses and interruptions, sync across all devices and iCloud (no more losing space across devices) and voice boosts for noisy environments. PearG thinks “Prolog is the best! Life changing for sure.”

Listen to audiobook player

Listen to audiobook player

No ads and no in-app purchases make Listen Audiobook Player an easy choice for many listeners. It can play just about any file format, but they must be DRM-free files. Favita_ swears by the app, saying “The best offline file player is Listen to Audiobook Player.”

List Audiobook Player has variable playback speed (0.5 to 4x), pitch control, volume boost, equalizer and balance, along with in-app color customizations. It can be synced to Plex servers, and across devices too, with adjustable skip times.



Hailed as one of the iPhone’s most obscure apps, Libby is a true maverick. Completely free to use, Libby accesses titles in one’s local library through their library card. These titles can be borrowed for free, read, renewed and returned as one would in an actual library.

Favita_ says “Best player for streaming is Libby.” Using a local system to digital advantage is quite a feat, and Libby’s other advantage is that it is available on all platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Mac and direct downloads too. Libby is a must for avid audiobook listeners!



“For iPhone, use BookPlayer,” recommends Redditor Baltimes, whose preferences echo countless happy users of the app. Simple, lightweight and hassle-free, this iOS app is zero-fee (and intends to stay that way) with absolutely no advertising.

It works well on both old and new iPhones, with useful features such as drag and drop to update the library. The bookmark feature and sleep timers stand out in BookPlayer, and it maintains the last stop in a book across devices seamlessly, so you can pick up where you left off, every time.



While some have complained about the selection of titles on Scribd, many Redditors call it their go-to app, and the upvotes prove it. The monthly fee (especially less than Audible) gives listeners access to countless titles, which they can borrow and listen to.

Besides books, Scribd also offers magazines, sheet music and documents, which only expands the horizons of book reading and listening. Ann0v1 adds “They update it once a month and I just think it’s extremely worth it.”

Book mobile

Order mobile

“Bookmobile (iOS), if you don’t have an audiobook server,” suggests ahbi_santini2, and the app is truly a beast. A clutter-free interface provides easy access, and precise controls make listening enjoyable. Drive mode is available for on-the-go listeners, and the app easily plays through Audible, iTunes, DRM and non-DRM files.

It also provides thousands of free audiobooks to choose from and is also a great player for podcasts and music too. There are few features that Bookmobile does not offer.

MAbook audiobook player

mAbook player

This app only provides a player for listeners who want to listen to their own files. It has several themes to choose from to suit the eye, and the usual set of controls such as auto rewind, equalizer, widgets, bookmarks and sleep timer. It can also control playback by rotating the phone.

Jaffacareddit likes the mAbook because “it uses very little memory but works well.” The app provides a 30-day trial of the full version, after which it switches to basic mode.

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